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A Killing Kind of Love

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 | No Comments

The most dangerous love of all is a killing kind of love . . . After her friend Holly's mysterious death, Camryn Bruce is assigned guardianship of her three-year old daughter, Kylie. Three men dispute the guardianship; each of them want Kylie for their own reasons. Kylie's powerful billionaire grandfather wants to gift his granddaughter to his young unstable wife. Kylie's arrogant and emotionally remote stepfather believes the child belongs with him. Then there's the little girl's charmingly immoral and financially desperate biological father, who sees his daughter as a money machine. Each of the men will do anything, use anything, to get what they want, including money, sex, sultry promises and sinister threats.They all claim to love Kylie . . . Camryn is smart, fierce and no man's fool. She won't be bought and she won't be seduced--even when she finds herself dangerously attracted to one of her adversaries. Camryn would give her life to protect Kylie from a future without genuine love. And she may have to, when one of Kylie's would-be guardians decides the shortest route to controlling the child is over Camryn's dead body.

Free Days: 02/18 - 02/21 

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