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Two Kill Again

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 | No Comments

Book 2 in the Cleary Case Files finds FBI agent Shawn Cleary on the trail of a killer who launches a series of deadly attacks in our National Parks. This follow up novel further develops Shawn as a complex character with a more empathetic side when she uses her skills as a Psychologist to help a horribly injured child recover her memories and identify the killer. Pulaski, the irascible Washington, D.C. detective, reveals his softer side as he becomes involved in the newest case from a direction no one would ever suspect. Shawn sifts through false clues until a startling discovery after a horrific attack in Yosemite sends her to Glacier National Park with the knowledge that the attacks are more personal than she could have believed. Amid blizzard conditions, Shawn leads her wary team to the treacherous, snow covered trails of Glacier for a stunning confrontation.

Free Days: 02/09 - 02/13 

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