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The Officer's Mess

Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017 | No Comments

When determined young officer, Natasha Fox steps foot onboard the aging cruise ship, Unicorn, for its final world cruise, she encounters a journey of murder, lust and greed. Feisty and seductive, Natasha is quick to manipulate the men who surrender to her charms, especially if it ensures her promotion through the ranks. But unable to resist feelings for fellow officer, Sam, she finds herself stepping into unfamiliar territory and fuels a daring, passionate affair. Sam admits he wants her to - but how far is she prepared to go to keep him? The officer's mess is a hunting ground, overflowing in alcohol, parties and sex - the ship a hub of gangs, murder and madness. Natasha uncovers some of the ships darkest secrets whilst daring to face battle with a senior officer determined to bring her to her knees. Natasha will need to explore her darkest side if she wants to come out on top.

Free Days: 03/31 - 04/02 

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