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Despite every effort for peace ultimate global conflict unleashed spite filled weapons of such destruction and devastation that wailing was heard in every country on earth. Human society collapsed and clouds that darkened the aftermath skies were not of rain but of flies. Amid the responding sprawl of plants survivors strove to rebuild. Many took to the wilderness rather than live among men reverting to ways still deeply ingrained as their own culture. Pioneering spirit was not quelled and one man's vision meant that living had to be re-modeled and the idyllic BAALEN Way was born. Limited technologies caused a race to re-establish control and while corruption saw some manoeuvering for political power others simply survived. Tower complexes arose with controlling Primes and Syndicates yet beyond their tentacles of relentless order there were those who knew the true value of freedom and who refused to yield. For their defiance they were ruthlessly hunted and forced to comply or die.

Free Days: 05/12 - 05/14 

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