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Black Light

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | No Comments

This powerful fantasy story sees Verity, our hero, lead the story in one of the best new fantasy books in 2017. She has never battled rock trolls, searched for sea beasts or fought with witches. All she knows is a miserable life stuck in Dark Oak Orphanage. She doesn't remember how or when she got there. The horrible Matron Krankle makes sure Verity doesn't get away with anything. All that is about to change when news of a mysterious sister is brought to her. She sets off on an adventure in an outside world she has never known. There she finds friends and enemies and takes up a fight to the death. A battle of light and dark where nothing is as it seems. All she has to do to save everyone she loves is survive long enough. Is she really the saviour everyone says she is? The Truth Will Save Us All! Derek Landy fans of The Skulduggery Pleasant ilk will enjoy the strength and vulnerability of all the girls, and will enjoy the strong bond they share on the journey to prevent the destruction of "The Witches Circle".

Free Days: 04/20 - 04/23 

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