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Where secrets are sacred and diamonds are currency diamondclubworld.com Revenge is sweet, right? Wrong. Maybe I should start from the beginning. Not bragging, but I'm remarkable at my chosen vocation, and I have been for ten years. During that time, I've accomplished heists most believed impossible. But after ten years, I left the game before my luck ran out. So, what happened? The Diamond Club, an elite organization of the best and brightest in the trade, extended the coveted invitation. Well, too little too late. To prove a point, I stole the Winston Ruby-or rather, that was the plan-until the gem's sexy as sin owner caught me in the act. Now, to maintain my freedom, looks like I'll have to complete one last heist. Something tells me this is going to be the toughest job of my life. If you love brash, slightly awkward women and seductive men with secrets, then you'll love Fractured-A Diamond Club novella.

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