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THE DIAMOND CLUB: Where Secrets are Sacred and Diamonds are Currency.

DiamondClubWorld.com I grew up believing I was invincible and feared no one. Named after my grandfather, Duncan Lockhart, I found my true calling as a young boy after discovering my first diamond in the Mine ran by my grandmother. Not all finds are legal, some are lethal--all are exhilarating. Everything I desired, I obtained. Every heist I attempted, I succeeded. The end of my name said it all...can...until I met Kate Richards. I met Duncan at the beach one early spring morning, while trying to add another piece of beautiful sea glass to my collection. Charming, gorgeous and intensely private, he was irresistible. After a whirlwind month with him, I often felt he was out of league, but that didn't stop our chemistry. It would take being kidnapped and tied up with a gun to my heat to make me choose another life--one that didn't belong to either of us. One that mattered more than the culmination of both of us. One last heist, one last debt to pay, one new life to live.

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