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The doorway: Other world

Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017 | No Comments

Three teenage friends are drawn into another world through a doorway by following the directions in a book that they found in a reputed haunted house. In this new world they find that the people of the town live in an underground city because of the radiation caused by a meteor shower. The primary cause of the radiation is a meteor that had struck a power station and is emitting the dangerous radiation. The kids, who are somewhat immune to this radiation, are asked to take explosives to the site and set a timer. The kids set the timer for a couple of hours, but it immediately drops to minutes. The teenagers run to an old broken down house where they drop behind a line of large barrels near the front steps. When the bomb explodes it destroys the barrels and knocks them unconscious. Waking up the teenagers discover that they have super powers. What's more they find out that they have been lied to and that their actions may lead to the death of many innocent people. The teenagers set out to correct their mistake, but even with their new powers they seem on the verge of defeat.

Free Days: 04/14 - 04/16 

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