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The Final Battle: Bloodline of the Dreki

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2017 | No Comments

The village, the Enchanter and the king. The villagers were all gathering as much extra food as possible, and were ready to flee into the castle when the Enchanter finally attacked. All of the strong men were working on building a wall to surround the village. Many of them had been practicing their bow sills and swordsmanship so that they could fight alongside the army. Since the rule of the Dreki Dyasty the villagers have lived in peace. Faida, the majestic blue dragon being the only one who had spent any time with the king and revealed her uncle the Enchanter wants to take over the world. A plan was devised to capture the dragon in hopes to becoming more powerful.

Free Days: 04/25 - 04/29 

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