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The New British Agent

Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017 | No Comments

A world of danger, glamour and espionage - and of course irresistible women just waiting to seduce you - or kill you. All in a day's work for secret agent John Bentley, so secret that not even MI6 knows of his existence. Yet Bentley becomes unwittingly involved in an impending catastrophe of monumental proportions, which he must avert alone, but for the help of a few good allies. One minute he is in bed with a beautiful woman, the next he is fleeing from men who have been sent to kill him. As the mystery deepens he travels around the globe gleaning fragments of information from unreliable sources to try to discover what arch villain Kapultski is planning in Africa. But what will happen if he fails to thwart his evil enterprise? What will become of his two girl companions, and what if they fall victim to sadistic psychopath Abu the Beast?

Free Days: 04/07 - 04/09 

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