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Trojan's Tales

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017 | No Comments

Trojan's Tales is a heart-warming story about Kristopher, a nine-year-old boy who tragically loses his father in a motor accident. His mother sees her son slipping into a deep depression and desperate to bring him back to his normal fun-loving self agrees to him having a dog. They travel to the nearest dog shelter where they come across Trojan, a beautiful black Labrador. After a short time at home, Kristopher discovers that Trojan is an exceptionally special dog, not only can he talk, but he has the most magical powers Kristopher has ever seen. The two become inseparable doing everything together, and have many amazing adventures until it is time for Trojan to say goodbye. Their farewell is very emotional, as Kristopher thought time would ensure his beloved friend remained with him, but Trojan explains he is needed by another child. After hugs and tears he was gone.

Free Days: 04/28 - 04/30 

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