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Call Me Kev

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 | No Comments

Chihuahua Kev was rescued from unknown circumstances and adopted into what he hopes will be his 'forever home'. Since moving in he has come to realise that much could depend on his behaviour and therefore has set out to analyse his own conduct to help learn how to avoid offending. Sharing a home with another dog has in itself produced problems that have had to be neutralised for the sake of apparent harmonious living. His ultimate aim is to be top dog in the pack, being his current family, but he knows this must be achieved without the others being aware of what is happening. Kevin wants to share his life and experiences and has, with help, assembled this, his autobiography. In the hope it will serve to enlighten and entertain its readers and, maybe, their canine companions.

Free Days: 05/19 - 05/21 

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