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Dark Sky

Posted on Monday, May 1, 2017 | No Comments

The first book in the award-winning Max Bowman series. Max is a 60-year-old former CIA desk jockey, barely getting by on freelance work from the agency, when he's asked to investigate the death of a Afghanistan war hero--who, rumor has it, may not be dead. Suddenly, he's up to his neck in trouble that he is in no way equipped to handle, and his only "help" is the war hero's teenage brother, who's desperately trying to prove himself even if it gets him (and Max) killed. Max ends up in the belly of a beast he never knew existed - and has to face down his own government's deadly secrets, as well his own. Profane, suspenseful and, at times, hilarious, DARK SKY is unlike any other mystery-thriller you've ever read.

Free Days: 05/02 - 05/06 

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