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Keira is flunking out of school... again. Too many late nights out partying and clubbing once more torpedo her career plans. Her parents are tearing their hair out; this is the third time she's screwed up. Time for some tough love. Mom and Dad cut her off. No more credit cards, no more cash allowance and OMG they cancelled her apartment's lease. On top of all that, she's banished to her grandmother's home. A grandmother she never knew about. Keira hates that she has no choice in the matter. "What do you mean, I have a grandmother? And why should I forced to live with a woman I never knew existed? An old woman who's never given a damn about me?" Her grandmother is batty as hell-she lives in a creaky old manor home, dresses for dinner like she's the Queen of England and makes crazy talk about ghosts. Ghosts? As. If. Keira's about to learn a few things. For starter's Pamela York isn't psychotic-she has powerful psychic gifts. She has spent her life coping with the supernatural; assisting reluctant spirits pass through The Veil to a higher plane. Keira has a lot more in common with the old woman than she ever imagined. Her real education is about to begin. But it's not just reluctant spirits Pamela has had to cope with. Malevolent forces want to thwart her; paranormal entities that crave the chaos of a Veil torn asunder. Not only are ghosts real... so are demons.

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