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Mirror Earthmen

Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2017 | No Comments

Shocked at waking up on board the strange alien craft, bolshie drop dead gorgeous London journalist Claire finds herself leading an international group of females through various escapades on their journey through space towards alien planet Gammov. The 12 perfect looking human-like crew led by Captain Zargo and equally hunky brother Tav, though morally conflicted about abducting the not always very co-operative group of women, had good reason to do what they have done ... but what's their secret and can they win their captives over? The women can't deny their attraction to the dark handsome muscular strangers, but fearful of their fate, can love ultimately conquer all? Can the line be crossed from prisoner to partner... ? Mirror Earthmen is the first in a series of alien romance books. It's a sci-fi chick lit romp through space featuring heart-pounding romance, quirky characters, one-liners, and sizzling sexual chemistry.

Free Days: 05/05 - 05/07 

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