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State vs. Lassiter

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"State vs. Lassiter" (Nominated for the Shamus Award) Jake Lassiter is crazy about the new woman in his life... His delinquent nephew Kip is getting A's in school... What can go wrong? Oh, how about a murder charge? Is this the end of Jake Lassiter? It's supposed to be a romantic weekend at the Fontainebleau for Lassiter and Pamela Baylins. Then they quarrel, and Pamela - who's Jake's banker as well as lover - accuses him of stealing from clients. Hours later, she's found strangled. With all the evidence pointing to Jake, it will take an explosive murder trial to reveal the truth. "A rough, tough Perry Mason on steroids." - Amazon 5-star review "So entertaining and so deftly plotted that you'll want to read more of Lassiter's adventures even before you're through."- Bookreporter.com "Levine makes his characters come alive with spunk and sass." -Amazon 5-star review "The best of the best. I love both the Jake Lassiter and Solomon and Lord series by Paul Levine. This is definitely the best Lassiter. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better." -Goodreads 5-star review "Levine's leanest thriller, compelling Jake, jurors, and readers to re-think the fateful night's events as new details emerge." -- My Life Called So "This was my first Lassiter. Well, it won't be my last! I enjoyed the characters, the courtroom drama, and the wisecracking. If you're looking for a mystery series set in Hot Hot Hot Miami Beach, this one's for you." -Amazon.com 5-star review

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