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The Bougainvillea Hideaway Beach Resort

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2017 | No Comments

Mario Bonfatti's Vatican conspiracy detective book is a success! With the BBC making a film of it and his agent badgering him for a second novel, he borrows money from his dodgy zio Arturo and flies off from his native Rome to Goa, away from his mind-numbingly boring accountancy job, to seek inspiration by the Arabian sea. Along the way he encounters a Mancunian estate agent, a hard drinking Russian cop, a famous British actor, a Gujarati diamond cutter, a heavy swearing beach shack owner and another Roman with a dubious past. Can Mario find the spark in India for another Detective Pellegrino instalment? Will he be able to juggle savouring all the delights that Goa has to offer with his need to finish his second novel? And will he ever understand the rules of cricket?

Free Days: 05/12 - 05/14 

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