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Lexicon of the Lords Myslin

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The Lexicon of the Lords Myslin covers a time that spans the dynasty of the 147 Myslin Lords. The book mainly deals with the life of the last Myslin Lord, Hew. At the age of four and a half years Hew is made an orphan when his parents are mysteriously blown up in their family home. Hew happily grows into adulthood at the most unusual of orphanages run by the weirdest of twin sisters. Hews brilliance and adventurous nature gets him incredible wealth but also makes him enemies, the worst of his enemies being the odious Faswang. The Faswang are contained in the slimy wetlands of the bowl, but the Faswang strive for freedom and revenge. Hew has lots of powerful friends and "helpers", but so do the Faswang. In later life, Hew is married and blissfully happy and wishes that his earlier actions could have been different. Too late Hew realises that his family, friends and his home planet were only pawns in the far bigger game of cosmic chess.

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