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Moral Certainty

Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017 | No Comments

Augie Fremont returns home to El Paseo in a storm.

Seems there is always a storm.

On the road, he's remembering everything: in Court attacking District Attorney Phil Mitchell and Judge Larry Driver over Jake Sorensen's case; tension with Jake's niece, Monique du Valliere, especially after being caught with another woman; dodging bullets out by that old oak tree by Dab Phelan's cabin; charged with bribery...but that one in his mind is too much.

How much storm can you handle? Why charge Jake with Griz Ebner's murder when the law opened his trunk without reason? And First Degree?

Why is Fremont called to defend Jake? Is he even competent? So, he has Teeter Banyon, disbarred attorney, to help, but he doesn't always listen.

On top of everything else, what is all this corruption - high government officials involved in drugs and terrorism? Are you kidding?

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