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The Burden of Guilt

Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2017 | No Comments

The year is 1965. Jules and Charlotte are thrown together unexpectedly through the EFPO. Having not seen one another since their break-up, will they survive the emotional turmoil of regret, guilt and hope that ensues? What is the secret Charlotte believes will destroy the love Jules still feels for her? In contrast, his superior, Smythe, embarks on a journey of love he had thought impossible. Their relationships unfold against the backdrop of an investigation prompted by Smythe's distrust of Fawkes, the new Head of the EFPO. Why does Fawkes want a file on 'The Monument Men' archived? What really happened to Charlotte's father? Did he steal artefacts during World War II? What connects the 1938 Berlin Olympics with a ship bound for Gloucester docks?

Free Days: 06/23 - 06/25

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