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The Last Alchemist - The Great Bear

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I am Neebus of the island of Nareath, where we live in harmony with the land our mother, and the beasts our father. I travelled across the sea to Nerran, our neighbour, that has killed its mother and dominates its father. I went to spread the word of alchemy but the Nerran people are cruel, they gouge metal from their mothers body to forge instruments of war, but not all are so lost. There are those I love, and those who love me. There are those who still care for what Nerran has left, and what Nareath can give. I came to share alchemy but Nerrans prince only wishes to own and control, he fears that which he cannot. Only by giving more than we wished were we able to prevent conflict. Then a great power arose on Nareath that threatened the people, a magical land-born creature we could not defeat. We petitioned Nerran for help and the prince sent his sister, his blood. His blood was deadly, his blood ran cold. I will tell you the truth if you will listen. I will tell you of the battle, for I was there. I will tell you of how the land gave Nerran a heart to warm its blood, and how that blood was linked to mine. I write these words to fulfil a promise. every story can be told in many ways, I pray you will listen to mine.

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