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This Black Girl

Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2017 | No Comments

As a young black woman it has been always hard to express one's thoughts and feelings freely. We have been raised to believe that showing emotion makes us look weak and for us pride is everything. In some aspects this mindset helps us in many ways, the only problem with this way of living is that we bury our deepest problems and refuse to face them. Consequently, we become tough-skinned, stubborn and shielded. This affects every aspect of our whole lives and limits our ability to achieve that desired sense of fulfillment. This memoir explores the biggest issues I have had problems facing. The experiences that have left mental and physical scars. The aim of this is to communicate to those who have had similar encounters and encourage them to never be afraid to let it all out.

Free Days: 06/02 - 06/04 

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