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"(O)ne of the most interesting books you'll read this year," (IndieReader Reviews - 4.7 of 5 Stars) WATERSHED is a dystopian thriller about a troubled, pregnant woman, and the two men-a snake dealer with a sideline in secret messages and a billionaire living under a false name-who vie for her. Their struggle leads them through a near-future America of anti-technology neighborhoods and illegal hospitals, where stockbrokers moonlight as assassins, nurses procure obscure pleasures, and the powers that be blow up the new World Trade Center to goose tourism. As the mystery deepens, one thing becomes clear - the future's about to be born... but who will change the diapers? "Readers will never be quite sure what lurks around the next corner... An appealing mix of adventure and contemplation." - Kirkus Reviews "A highly readable, quirkily creative alternate reality that comes frighteningly close to real life... the present taken to its logical extreme... much more than social commentary. It's a genuinely captivating edge-of-your-seat thriller, which kept me reading from beginning to end, looking forward to each new chapter." - Casey Dorman, Lost Coast Review "It's the real deal...a strong contender to be one of the most interesting books you'll read this year." - IndieReader Reviews (4.7/5 Stars)

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