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Twenty Love poems for My Sweet

Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 | No Comments

Twenty love poems about the most alluring lady, in a London setting that subsumes all the seasons of the year. The poems are from the heart and aim to capture a sense of the weather, the surroundings and above all vivid imagery of the lady whom all the poems have been written about and for. Incorporated within the pieces are facets of traditional poetic techniques, but also aspects of modern colloquial twists. Not to mention hopefully a cheeky and risque side that altogether aim to transform the pieces from a serious vivid slant to a fun, bubbly and effervescent side. The collection aims to appeal and hopefully bring a smile to all age ranges of adults and sexes. As well as of course to the wonderful person whom all the poems were written for and has them in personal handwritten copies (and naturally, I hope enjoyed each very much!)

Free Days: 07/06 - 07/09 

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