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To Detroit, With Love

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Alexis Morgan thought she had everything wanted: A budding career as a college instructor, her own house in an up-and-coming Detroit suburb, and a close-knit group of friends. She wasn’t looking for love when she met former boy band front man, Craig Harris, her childhood crush. Yet, their flirtation evolves into a long-distance romance that is challenged by Alexis’s independence and hesitation to get involved with someone at the mercy of the paparazzi. Still pained by the dissolution of her only serious relationship, can she handle a love affair with a man she has to share with the public without losing herself in the process? To Detroit, With Love is a story about growth and trust in love set amongst the backdrop of a city is on the cusp of revival that’s echoed in Alexis’s hope and tenacity.

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Monsoon Rising

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The Nomad slaughtered his girlfriend and framed him for murder. Now, Billy Gamble, a drifter turned fugitive, will stop at nothing to find and exact his revenge on the sadistic serial killer traveling the world and sowing chaos wherever he goes. His search for the nomad will take Billy to the exotic islands of Thailand, the old colonial towns of Malaysia and into the darkest jungles of Borneo. But the real question is… who is hunting whom and why? To find the answers, Billy must delve into the mind of a madman and question his own sanity.

Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs Me: Transcendentally present in the real world.

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This book shows how I strategically went about creating a better life for myself.

Though it's in the beginning stages of the process, it shows how well I've planned my baby steps toward my goals.

Nothing is perfect and therefor I thought that if something cannot work out the way you plan, it just means that it's one way of deviating from your goal.

I can then re-evaluate and redirect my path I had a substantial amount of time to think about how and what I needed to do to get to my desired goal.

It is not the goal that has to satisfy you, but rather the journey. Waking up in the morning with your goal in mind and going to bed with the same goal in mind is a recipe for success.

I've managed to stay consistent in my passion, because it feels like the last shot I have in life.

I wish I had this much determination at a young age.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 - What is ADD/ADHD
Chapter 2 - Challenges I faced
Chapter 3 - How I simplified my life
Chapter 4-  How I started building good habits
Chapter 5 - Dealing with my frustration
Chapter 6 - Educating by taking action
Chapter 7 - Strategies and tips
Chapter 8 - Medications that treat ADD/ADHD
Chapter 9 - Famous people with ADD/ADHD

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The Spring Child's Whisper

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January Grant hunts the witch hunters. Her superior, Claire Darblay, assigns her to take the fight to those who, even today, persecute the Sisterhood. So, when Claire asks January to retrieve two young runaways who have absconded from the Burgrun House Coven, she can't help feeling that this is a job more suited to one of the Sisterhood's social workers. And when January, a Sister used to action, is also tasked with the seemingly diplomatic mission of finding the reason for the girls' decision to abscond, it seems that things couldn't get any worse... until her mother calls with news that her younger sister is also missing. Could the two events be linked? Cordelia Trent, the enigmatic Elder of the Burgrun House Coven, is in no mood to compromise. She wants the runaways back. But this coven hides a deadly secret. Can January get to the truth before any more Sisters pay the price of that secret?

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A Concerted Effort

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"It's often said that we all have a novel in us. Or at least, a tabloid expose. Who the hell has a piano concerto in them, and what's more, what kind of surgery is required to remove it without causing serious trauma to the patient? This is the story of the surgery and the trauma." Matthew Halligan is a washed-up journalist and jobbing musician. When contacted by a childhood music teacher who is now in prison, he tells how he got his first opus from brain to page to stage, while eking out an existence as a jazz pianist round the bazaars. A tale of sex'n'violins, tricky woodwind passages, prison choirs and preposterous conductors. Well, one preposterous conductor in particular, who makes such merry hell of the proceedings that thoughts turn murderous... Warning: if you have romantic notions about the elegance, charm and intelligence of musicians, pour yourself a stiff drink before proceeding... They usually do.

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Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Category : 0

SPACE IS VAST AND UNTAMED, AND IT HOLDS MANY SECRETS. Now two individuals from opposite ends of settled space are on a collision course with the darkest of those secrets, as the world threatens to explode around them.

The year is 2322. Humanity has expanded into the stars, inhabiting over 100 worlds across a third of the galaxy. Though thriving as never before, they have discovered neither aliens nor the key to utopia. Earth struggles to retain authority over far-flung planets while an armistice with a breakaway federation hangs by a thread as the former rebels rise in wealth and power.

Alexis Solovy is Earth Alliance royalty, her father a fallen war hero and her mother a military leader. But she seeks only the freedom of space and has made a fortune by reading patterns in the chaos to discover hidden wonders in the stars.

Nothing about her latest objective suggests the secret it conceals will turn her life--and the entire galaxy--upside down. But an encounter with a mysterious spy leads to a discovery that will thrust Alex into the middle of a galactic power struggle and a sinister conspiracy.

Aurora Rising is an epic tale of galaxy-spanning adventure, of the thrill of discovery and the unquenchable desire to reach farther into the unknown. It's a tale of humanity at its best and worst, of love and loss, of fear and heroism. It's the story of a woman who sought the stars and found more than anyone imagined possible.

Prepared: The 8 Secret Skills of an Ex-IDF Special Forces Operator That Will Keep You Safe - Basic Guide

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Learn the 8 secret skills of an Ex-IDF Special Forces operator that will keep you safe and prepare you for any situation - from a street mugging all the way to a full blown global catastrophe!

The skills that I'm about to share with you are the same ones used by the IDF Special Forces Operators to stay safe in hostile situations and will allow you to do so as well. Be it fending off a mugger in a dark parking lot or surviving a post-catastrophe scenario.

The number one thing you must remember is that being efficient can save your life. If you don't take steps to conserve your energy, you will get tired very quickly and may lose the battle. Professional fighters can hold a full combat event for a few seconds and after that they rely solely on technique to survive and accomplish the mission.

This book will teach you eight of the most effective techniques to stay safe:

1. Situational awareness
2. Tactical relocation
3. Planning for emergencies
4. Survival self-defense
5. Team roles
6. Communications
7. Fitness
8. Survival tools

I look forward to seeing you as part of our community at https://prepperlegend.com and hope you enjoy this book at least as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And above all else stay safe!

Your friend always,

Roy Shepard

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Ash: Jagged Edge Series #5

Monday, August 28, 2017 Category : 0

It's funny how your past choices always seem to follow you. But when it becomes a mistake that you will soon regret, there is only one thing you can do ‘Fix it.’ Juliette Daniels wanted to do just that, but every time she tried to do the right thing, she ended up getting sucked in deeper and deeper. Her destiny was not her own and one man controlled it. Her Master Ash Jacobs was a simple man, hard working with good morals, but the minute he met his sexy new neighbor that all changed. His obsession to find out who she was might have been the one thing to push her away, but there was no way he was going to give up until he found out the truth. Not even Sebastian Collins could stop the desire he had for her.

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Ashes of Autumn

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On the eve of the final sale of her mother's business, Italian import Mina Calvi faces a crossroads. The road she dreams of foretells a life of rosy bliss in a quaint Laguna Canyon cottage, sipping cappuccino with her lover, Diego. When a chance detour brings her face to face with the love of her life caught in the wrong place, with the wrong crowd, that road to paradise takes a turn onto a rocky trail dotted by death, betrayal and loneliness. Mina's friends, old and newly found, rally to keep her safe while she navigates through intense drama and self doubt to finally find redemption.

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Happy Woman Happy World

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The Women’s Code imparts Chelette’s proprietary strategies that can take any woman from “overwhelmed to awesome.” She deduces that women can have it all, just not at the same time.

Finding Broken Arrow

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Robin knows how to take care of herself and likes it that way. When her benefactor sends hired muscle to figure out who's been vandalizing the boys' ranch she oversees, the help is neither wanted nor appreciated. The fact that she accidentally hits on her new employee—after mowing him down with her cart in the grocery store—doesn't help matters any.

Vance isn't looking to step on any toes when he takes a job as head of security at the Remuda Ranch; he's just grateful for the fresh start as he navigates the challenges of raising the insta-family he inherited when he took in his younger siblings.

Neither are prepared for the undeniable sparks between them or the possibility that their emotions run much deeper than physical attraction. But falling in love is tricky enough without a houseful of kids, rodeo pickup men, and rambunctious dogs and horses in the mix.

Rocking Fate

Saturday, August 26, 2017 Category : 0


My life was always a mess. I've been alone since I was young. Meeting Ghost changed all that for me.

Hells Fire gave me a place to call home.
My actions from the past have followed me

Things get complicated when I meet Aria.

I wasn't looking for more than a weekend of hot sex.

I got a lot more than that though.

When I find out who her father is, my life is thrown in another direction.

Being forced to choose between what is right and what I'm forced into becomes my new struggle.

Forced between a life I never wanted and one I'm not sure of will be my breaking point.

More: The Evermore Series (Book 1)

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Miserable and dejected in her marriage, Isabel Fields encounters a stranger in a bar promising an opportunity to change her life. Nonetheless, she must make a decision she thought was reserved for other women. Sexual dominant, Sebastian York, specializes in igniting passion in his lovers, but women always come and go, and he's never had a woman to call his own. Leading Izzy, a natural submissive, on a journey of sexual awakening, their casual arrangement soon grows too confining. Seb satisfies everything Izzy has craved and she instinctively bows to his dominant personality, fulfilling his every desire. Their casual arrangement ignites Isabel's long-buried passion and touches her heart, but Izzy struggles with the emotional turmoil that plagues her soul. Sacrifices will have to be made by both, putting their love to the test. Izzy stands to lose the marriage she dedicated years of her life to, but has a chance to gain a relationship she's always longed for. All depends on whether Sebastian proves to be the love of Izzy's life, or leaves her wanting more...

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Dance of the Devil's Trill

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Catharina Spokane attempts to care for her ex-Marine brother who suffers from PTSD after returning home from war. No amount of pleading can convince him to stay off the streets among the other homeless vets. Between starting a new coffee business in a luxury hotel and dodging the insufferable owner, Damien Cruz, she volunteers at a soup kitchen for the undesirables of the city. When a stranger arrives to listen as she plays the violin for the forgotten, Catharina learns he is the one they call the Watcher. His mission is to protect the unfortunate souls of the street and the priest who guides them. Catharina finds herself drawn into a conspiracy of greed contrived by the city's mayor and a dangerous love forbidden by God. The price forces her to choose between good and evil in a desperate act to save those she has endangered.

The Adventures of Miss Vulpe

Thursday, August 24, 2017 Category : 0

Ana Petrescu (a.k.a. Miss Vulpe) is a troubled teenager determined to solve the mystery of her parents' double suicide. Escaping the scrutiny of her legal guardian and the unwanted interference of several therapists, she starts looking up people from her mother's past. Her sleuthing requires her to lie about her identity, her age, and her lack of experience with men. While impersonating Miss Vulpe is more fun than going to school, there's bound to be trouble and heartache when her web of lies unravels.

The Final Trick

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Private Investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley hare hired to track down missing woman Willow Jackson. When a body is found on the outskirts of town, all looks lost. The body is naked, riddled with drugs and water damage. But Willow Jackson is discovered miles from water, and had never taken drugs in her life. A missing person case becomes a murder hunt. And when another young woman goes missing, another hunter joins the pack. A man who will not stop until he had revenge. Welcome to The Final Trick... Full of dramatic tension, with snappy dialogue, mystery, twists, thrilling action, humor and a hint of romance, this full-length novel should satisfy fans of all great mysteries and crime thrillers. If you love Lee Child, Robert Crais, Harlan Coben, Ian Rankin, and the Long Time Dying series then you will love The Final Trick.

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The Unexpected Hero

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The measure of a young man can be a funny thing, especially when the results are not what anyone expects. Eighteen-year-old Evan Nash doesn't look like a hero. Nor does he feel like one. He's not trying to be anything.

But what Evan is...is a kid with a deeply-rooted sense of right and wrong. One so strong, that even a life-threatening condition cannot derail Evan's determination to save as many as he can...

Even if it kills him.


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Cade, the gorgeous song man, has every reason to steer clear of commitment and train his soulful eyes, heart-melting dimples, and sexy voice on every beauty clamoring for his attention. So why is it that he finds himself truly, deeply and unintentionally, fixed on the one woman who is not so easily swept away?

Third Breath

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Ebola outbreaks occupy the headlines, but the Superbug created by a monster could be the cause of the next pandemic. Dr. Jamie Carpenter, enlisted by FBI Agent Shawn Cleary, agrees to an undercover assignment to discover the identity of a mass murderer whose goal is death on a global scale. A novice at intrigue, Carpenter is faced with too many suspects and a partner who could take advantage of her naivete. Meanwhile, Shawn is trying to convince her associates that recent suicides are the result of a criminal conspiracy. She theorizes that a splinter group is mimicking the NSA's eavesdropping, identifying would be criminals, and cleverly eliminating them. The self-named Patronus prevents a massacre and declares society as its client. The disparate cases are merged with Cleary acting as a mentor to Carpenter, trying to keep her focused on their common goals-find the perpetrators and prevent a pandemic. The novel races to a surprising conclusion tempting the reader to scan the chapters a second time looking for missed clues.

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More Than Human – The Value of Cultivating the Human Spirit in Your Organization

Monday, August 21, 2017 Category : , 0

Your #humanspirit craves practical #valuesbased action & success w/respect 4 both religion & science. B #MoreThanHuman @ your best self now.

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The Holly & the Ivy

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Greta's daughter Holly has gone missing, and a terrible storm has eradicated all traces of her. Greta despairs but just when everything seems at its blackest, hope comes in the shape of a hare. At a loss for other options, Greta follows when it leads her into the mountains. But is it more than an animal?Where has Holly been taken? And what is the significance of the odd little tree-root doll?

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Solstice (Book 3 of The Star-Crossed Saga)

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What You Believe, Can Destroy You!

William and Sydney have sacrificed everything to fortify their love, so much so that William dares to brave the depths of space to find a cure for their deadly Supernova bond, leaving both her and Earth vulnerable to alien Torrian Alliance's attack. But with a full scale civil war in play on Fabricius, the reality of Sydney's execution from Torrian hands is diminished, only eclipsed by the certainty of a more threats - The Third Faction and The Dagmas Clan - lead by Dominic and his insurgent recruits on a quest to complete the failed assassination of the teenage girl. With overwhelming odds mounting against them, William makes a desperate attempt to find the last of the endangered Star-children only to be captured by a new menace, where he is forced to compete in the dreaded Gauntlet of sport. Allies surge to free Fabricius, seeking alliances across the galaxy while Sydney tries to keep her identity hidden and trains to master the third phase of her Star-child evolution: Solstice. With Sarah's mysterious return home with clues to unlock the future, Noella's training and Bill's symbiotic development hope is restored, but will it be enough to unite the galaxy and destroy evil for once and for all?

Me and My Ghoulfriends

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By day, Larue Donavan is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she's a psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won't leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he's in charge of her lovelife. Larue can handle ghosts and undead presidents. It's the living who drive her crazy.

When Callahan Weiss moves to town, the handsome newcomer opens a coffee shop right next door. She's smitten from the start, but she's not the only one -- The boutique owner across the street has her eye on Callahan too, and she'll do anything to get to him. Callahan's behavior is increasingly peculiar. Larue will need more than a little help from her ghoul-friends to save the day.

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Cracking Up: A Novel

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Jools Holland: "Entertaining and well-written". Sir Ranulph Fiennes: "Joan's matter-of-fact lively style of writing, spiced with the mention of household names from the rock and pop world, is sure to entertain". 'Cracking Up' is loosely based on the real-life experiences of Joan Komlosy. For Lily Francis, coming to terms with a broken marriage, children going their separate ways and the dole queue beckoning is hard enough. But when the landlords want the flat she's been renting for 25 years - the only stable thing in her life - the term 'midlife crisis' takes on a whole new meaning. Now a reluctant 'born again singleton' Lily, an impoverished antique dealer and struggling freelance journalist begins to rebuild her life and attempts to start again. If only her once successful husband hadn't dragged out the divorce she would have been self-supportive and the family silver might not have ended up in Bermondsey market. 'Cracking Up' is humorous, touching and entertaining and will appeal to anyone male or female, who has had to start again from the bottom - older, alone and flat broke - there are many out there.

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"This Green Beret-turned-novelist is a powerful new voice in fiction." - New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer

"A high-speed, low-drag thriller from a new author you ought to know." - Tim Tigner, international bestselling author of Pushing Brilliance

Welcome to the war.

David Rivers returns from combat to find the silence of peace deafening. Escaping into the thrill of BASE jumping keeps a darkness growing within him at bay, until a discharge from military service pushes him over the edge.

After brutally settling his final score, David is confronted by three men who emerge from the shadows, having watched unseen as he committed ruthless, cold-blooded murder.

Now, they want him to do it again.

David undertakes the single most dangerous assignment of his life, earning admission into the dark underworld of ex-special operators for hire and plunging headlong into a new war, where victory is defined by profit and the rules are set by the highest bidder.

But as the stakes--and the payoff--continue to rise, his pursuit of the impossible is turning into a battle for survival, and David must confront the growing realization that his greatest enemy may not be within after all.

Jais, the debut novel by Jason Kasper, is the first book in the David Rivers Series.

A Sprig of Holly

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Greta lives with her grandfather in a cabin in the mountains. The winter is harsh and they are running short of wood. Their handsome neighbour Matthias would help - but he is still trying to get back from the town.Greta and her grandfather must venture out into the snow to cut more wood or freeze to death, but when disaster strikes, who can help them? Will she ever see Matthias again? And what is the significance of the little sprig of holly?

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The Alter

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Ever since his father's death, James Hyde's dream has been to become a CIA field operative. Sadly though, he just doesn't have the nerves to make it in the stressful world of cloak and dagger.

After years stuck behind a desk, James is given a chance to help the CIA flush out a mole leaking intel to the Russians - a dream come true! But things turn nightmarish when his team is betrayed on the streets of London, leaving him the sole survivor. Now on the run and assumed to be the mole, James must get to the bottom of his betrayal, while fighting against an anxiety deep within him that might not be his nerves...

Roving Mad: Odd Encounters

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What makes an encounter stick in our memories?

Why do we remember some our whole lives and others not at all?

Learn the strange encounters of a wide-roving scientist, from all over the world.

Prepare to laugh and be shocked as Malcolm Windsor takes you on an astonishing journey.

Join him as he survives Nazi bombing to Hollywood hellraising via Buckingham Palace and Antarctica.

He suggests that things stick with us because there is madness, fun, embarrassment or craziness involved.

Can countries go mad? Yes, they can and he tells us about some. If the UN had a lunatic asylum they would have been locked up, but usually they locked themselves up. We treasure our memories. We fear losing them. We are our memories.

Whisper From The Alamo

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Doc is a former soldier, retired professor and die-hard Texan. Retired and restless, he is consumed by the history of his family that dates back to the Battle of The Alamo.

Ant is an expat Englishman who has left behind his old life. Dedicated to sun, sand, soda and little else, he is determined to live the American beach lifestyle to its fullest.

Together this unlikely trans-Atlantic pair will find themselves searching the southern States and their own souls to confront hidden secrets and raw truths that will test their friendship to its very limits.

Written with an authentic eye to history, 'Whisper From The Alamo' is a tale of rangers, rednecks, alligators, and motorcycles that will take you to places you never expected.

Roses in Ecuador

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Two strangers escaped to the heart of Ecuador to make the world a better place, having sworn off the possibility of love… until disaster brings them together. Jane Russell is certain she’s had enough heartbreak for one lifetime, and love is the last thing on her mind when she arrives in Ecuador to study the cats on the local jaguar preservation. Devon McAlister, the wealthy and handsome son of a well-known corporate mogul, has broken his share of hearts, but he found a new purpose in life when he opened a fair trade rose plantation in Ecuador. When the jaguar preservation comes under attack by what appears to be a group of angry locals, Jane’s search for the missing animals leads her to Devon’s backyard. As they sort through the destruction, an unexpected visit by a charming yet secretive U.S. senator reveals the identity and motives of the attackers to be much more sinister than she could have ever imagined. Through it all, Jane finds her desire for Devon growing stronger. But will she ever be able to trust him enough to truly love?

Cold War Trilogy - Three Book Box Set

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Three of the authors' best-selling historic action-adventure thrillers, plus a fourth bonus novel, all for the price of two. Over 1200 pages of exciting reading at a 50% savings. It's the best deal on the web. "Cold War Trilogy" consists of three of William F. Brown's best selling historic action, adventure thriller novels -- "Winner Lose All,"  "Amongst My Enemies," and "Thursday at Noon."  Together they have 300 Kindle Five Star Reviews, an average of 4.4 Stars each.  If you like fast-paced spy novels and lots of mystery, and action, this set will prove some great reads. "These are three of my favorite stories," says their author, William F. Brown. "My books are known for their pacing, twisting plot lines, and really good bad guys. These are some of my nastiest and most evil.  See if you don't agree."

Right Through Me

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RIGHT THROUGH ME: The Obsidian Files by Shannon McKenna

Stranger, speak softly...

Biotech tycoon Noah Gallagher has a deadly secret: his clandestine training as a super-soldier gives him abilities that go far beyond human. Yet he's very much a man. When Caro Bishop shows up at his Seattle headquarters with a dangerous secret agenda, his ordered life is thrown into chaos. Caro is a woman like no other-and her luminously sensual beauty cloaks a mystery he must solve.

Caro's lying low, evading a false charge of murder. She'll do whatever it takes to survive-but seducing a man like Noah is more than she bargained for. The desire smoldering in Noah's eyes awakens her own secret hunger, but Caro has to resist his magnetic pull. Anyone close to her becomes a target. The only right thing to do is run, far and fast, but Caro can't outrun Noah's ferocious intensity-or deny the searing passion that explodes between them.

Nothing else matters-until a vicious enemy puts his murderous plan into play. Noah and Caro must battle for their lives...and their love...

Secrets: The Hero Chronicles

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This book was written for junior high/high school age readers as well as all who are young at heart--The Midwest lies in complete ruins after a catastrophic disaster kills tens of thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands injured. Nicholas Keller emerges out of the devastation as a shining light of hope for all. But his newfound fame comes with a price that his aunt will not let him pay. They flee into the shadows in order to protect his secret. However, as Nicholas begins his sophomore year at his fifth school in five years, strange and unexpected things begin to happen. He soon tumbles into a web of doomed love, extraordinary talents and a secret past, which threatens the lives of everyone he cares about. It's up to Nicholas to confront the truth, even if it means his own death.

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Coffee Roasting Made Easy

Thursday, August 17, 2017 Category : 0

Create a $50,000 income roasting just one hour per day. Hidden within the second most traded commodity in the world is a virtually untapped business opportunity. Coffee Roasting Made Easy provides valuable insights from the pioneers of this new budding industry. Coffee micro roasting is today what micro brew beer was 25 years ago. Learn how to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!

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The Alter

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Ever since his father's death, James Hyde's dream has been to become a CIA field operative. Sadly though, he just doesn't have the nerves to make it in the stressful world of cloak and dagger. After years stuck behind a desk, James is given a chance to help the CIA flush out a mole leaking intel to the Russians - a dream come true! But things turn nightmarish when his team is betrayed on the streets of London, leaving him the sole survivor. Now on the run and assumed to be the mole, James must get to the bottom of his betrayal, while fighting against an anxiety deep within him that might not be his nerves...

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A Less Visible Force

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Rod McInnes returns to present day Wessex, scene of his first darkly satirical novel 'Undue Influence' for another amoral tale of heroes, whores , eccentrics, idiots and scumbags. The year is 2013. Cuts of 30% to South Wessex Police have led to the uniquely unfathomable strategy of crime statistic friendly 'Stratified Community Policing'. It is a very bad time to be a copper and when a drug smuggling operation at the Kingston Harbour Marina goes very badly on the same night as an armed raid on a metals trader a few miles away lives are changed and lost. These events are played out against a background where in the coldest spring on record the already cash strapped council is bankrupted by inept financial management and unable to maintain services. There is rubbish on the streets but no grit and salt on the roads. As events unfold integrity is readily compromised, heroism is exploited while the undiscovered guilty continue to prosper.

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The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Category : 0

2015 Summer Book Awards Winner from Book of the Day
A fable for all ages.

Adventure Seekers, Young and Old, Join Toby, Small, but Bold ...

He was born underground, at the edge of the world’s destruction. Twelve years old, Toby has never seen the sun. Created by six scientists who accidentally gave him cat ears (and a tail), Toby decides to leave the safety of his cavern world to seek answers. Did anyone survive the Great Destruction? Why has he been hearing a mysterious Voice? And, most important of all, does he have a soul?

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How to be a Chief Operating Officer: 16 Disciplines for Success

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Chief Operating Officer is one of the most complex senior management roles in organisations today. It embraces a range of disciplines, from Technology to Human Resources, from Legal to Risk. Yet, unlike other senior executive roles, there is no established framework or body of knowledge to support the COO.

This book de-mystifies the COO role and breaks it into 16 core elements; the three fundamental pillars of Culture, Strategy and Change, plus 13 technical areas. It outlines responsibilities, warning signs, and how to boost performance.

It equips you with the questions you need to ask to gain early insight, diagnose the issues and move into execution.

Drawing on industry standards and enriched with expert insight and real-life current examples, it condenses a vast range of knowledge and experience into one accessible read. This book, which can be consumed in one sitting, will make you a more effective leader, faster. This is the book that current COOs wish they had at the outset of their journey. It is the book that your CEO, Board and team need you to read.

Make Him Beg: Learn The Little Known Secrets Of The Male Mind To Attract, Keep Them Seduced And Bulletproof Any Relationship - Go From Single To The Man Of Dreams

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Tired of dating frogs? Afraid you're never gonna find your dream man? Don't Worry, your dream man Is waiting for you right now. "Make Him Beg" Teaches you how to attract men and find true love, your prince and your self - all at the same time. See what all the relationship experts are saying about this revolutionary new book... You'll learn: Which 5 topics you should never discuss on a first date. How to exploit your not-so-secret weapons to make your date go gaga for you! What you must do on the first date if you want a dream relationship to start right away. Steps to take to start dating the man of your dreams today. No more Frogs for you only Princes from here on out! Why it's ok to tell a little white lie when he asks you how many men you've been intimate with. The shocking answer to the #1 most frequently asked question by women about men, dating, and the telephone game. How to motivate your man to pop the question... and do it with the style you deserve! How reading just 2 pages of my book will make you feel sexier and more beautiful than ever. Uncover the one thing you should ALWAYS do with your breasts. It'll drive men wild-and, yes, mom will even approve! Discover what part of your daily hygiene can be turned into a tool to arouse your man uncontrollably. And much, much more

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Beta's Mark Anthology

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Category : 0

Beta's Mark

When the bite, bites back...

Second to the Alpha, but always first in her heart, these stories will tug at your heart strings, steam up your kindle, and leave you panting for more.

Nine USA Today and International Best-Selling authors have created intriguing worlds where the Alpha's second, is a position of respect and power. Wolves, cats, foxes, and other predators will fight their way through the human world and claim their true mates.


Beta Hunt by: Sydney Lea
Beta Trials by: Gracie Meadows
Megan's Mate by: Tamsin Baker
Paxson: Call of the Beta by: Krista Ames
Night Falls by: Nicole Morgan
Protective Instincts by: Khloe Wren
Egyptian Destiny by: Laura Hawks
Protected by the Beta by: Bethany Shaw
Beta Down by: Scarlett J Rose

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The Medinandi License

Monday, August 14, 2017 Category : 0

Geologist Trace Brandon has been in Mali less than two months. He's nearly been killed twice, lost a drilling rig to a well-placed RPG, and fallen for Peace Corps volunteer Molly Wainwright. All pretty much SOP for West Africa, until his friend Gordon Watson is brutally kidnapped by Al Qaeda.

Running out of time to meet the ransom demands, Trace turns to a Malian arms dealer and a French-Canadian ex-mobster for help. Together, they come up with a risky, highly illegal scheme to rescue Gordon.

If the plan goes south, Trace knows he could end up in prison-or the Bamako expatriate cemetery on Rue de Dakar . . .

Wipe Out

Category : 0

A man is found murdered on the beach in Miami, and the contact information of a local private detective is found on his body.

Now P.I. Maggie Thomas is thrown into the case. Why had the murdered man been looking for her? But there's more than one murder to solve, and she's determined to prove that she has top notch detective skills, despite what handsome detective Jake Jackson thinks.

Lucky for Maggie she has the help of her orthopedic shoe-wearing assistant Dorothy Raye. Knitting needles make good weapons in a life or death situation, and Dorothy's not afraid to use them!

Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series, Book One)

Category : 0

When empath Jade Calhoun moves into an apartment above a strip bar on Bourbon Street, she expects life to get interesting. What she doesn't count on is making friends with an exotic dancer, attracting a powerful spirit, and developing feelings for Kane, her sexy landlord.

Being an empath has never been easy on Jade's relationships. It's no wonder she keeps her gift a secret. But when the ghost moves from spooking Jade to terrorizing Pyper, the dancer, it's up to Jade to use her unique ability to save her.

Except she'll need Kane's help--and he's betrayed her with a secret of his own--to do it. Can she find a way to trust him and herself before Pyper is lost?

Warden (Book 1: Wendigo Fever)

Category : 0

Part lawman, part tracker and part magician, the Wardens are monster-hunters - tasked with protecting the people from the various, nightmarish creatures that have invaded the world of men. However, despite being descended from a long line of Wardens, 16-year-old Errol Magnus believes it to be the absolute worst job on the planet: How could a single occupation simultaneously be the most boring, abominably stupid and extraordinarily dangerous profession imaginable? But when his older brother Tom - the current Warden for their region - goes missing, Errol has no choice but to enter the Badlands, where monsters abide in mind-boggling numbers, to find him. During his search, Errol crosses paths with - and finds himself stalked by - the legendary Wendigo, a monster with preternatural strength and speed, as well as enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearing...and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Now Errol must do the impossible and not only escape from the monster (something no one has ever done before), but also avoid the unearthly legacy it leaves on all its victims - a terrifying curse known as Wendigo Fever.

Free Days: 08/15 - 08/19 

What Happened to Paul Carter? VOL I The very true story of love passion & a hitman.

Sunday, August 13, 2017 Category : 0

Edge of your seat suspense and psychological thriller, sadly a TRUE story. Written while ill, the author morphs the past and present, reminiscent of a Tarantino film, as she tries to make sense of what just happened to her life, for when you add a hitman, it is clearly no longer just a love story. With a constant sinister undertow, you are there with her, as she reminisces, hoping to find the clues, but no matter how you think the book is going to end, it has a surprising twist. More unexpected when you remember this is all true, and making you go back and reread with fresh perspective, as you try to figure out, how this occurred and, what really did happen to Paul Carter.

Magic Unleashed

Saturday, August 12, 2017 Category : 0

Grab 9 Hot paranormal romance reads for a limited time! Filled with Dragons, Werewolves, Shifters, Vampires, Ghosts, Fairies, & MORE!


Hades Halo by Julia Mills
A Wolf's Hunger - Sheba by A.K. Michaels
Prince Prelude - Legends by Claudy Conn
Karma Inc. by Melanie James
Enchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrette
Desperately Seeking 69 by Jennifer Theriot writing as JD. Frettier
Scary Modsters by Diane Rinella
Bitten by Nicole Garcia
Hot Decadent Rising by Candice Stauffer

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Lead Me Into Temptation

Category : , , 0

Violet Webster is a bride on the run. The last thing she'd wants is to get married, especially to a stranger twice her age. However, agreeing to be a mail-order bride had been her only option and it paid the steep passage to San Francisco so she could locate her father. She'd find him too, if only her betrothed's son would stay out of her way.

Garrett Sutherlin is on a mission. Delivering the striking, ebony haired beauty to his father's doorstep not only paid off his debt, the effort would grant him freedom from the man's condescending hold. As far as he's concerned, Miss Webster made her own bed.

Unfortunately, his father will be the one to lie beside her.

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Other Side

Friday, August 11, 2017 Category : 0

Other Side explores the duality of personality, character and actions of people. The main character faces his conflicts and value propositions through four relationships that are juxtaposed and contradictory. His pursuit of validation and truth is explored through his mother, wife, mistress and a sex worker. His fall from grace as a corporate lawyer to disgrace and drug addiction are all captured in an intimate and realistic portrayal. The main characters in Other Side are ethnically diverse. Racial identity is not as prevalent as gender and socio-economic status. The reader is introduced to an array of other characters and backgrounds. The anecdotes from each encapsulate a broad perspective of political and social issues in a multi cultural American society. Although presented through the prism of a male protagonist the women’s stories of relationship struggle and maturation provides the platform for all the characters development.

Monster Born

Category : 0

Elves, werewolves, witches, vampires, and the patchwork son of Victor Frankenstein...

A little Penny Dreadful.
A tad bit Fargo.
All Northern Creatures.

Welcome to Alfheim, Minnesota.

I walked out of the Arctic and into Alfheim's magic two centuries ago. The elves had no idea what to do with the giant, re-animated corpse in their midst other than to offer me what they had long offered all unloved and unwanted magicals-a home. Without elven magic, the Alfheim Werewolf Pack would descend into madness. Without the stability of the elves, the local vampires and witches would fall prey to their own evil natures. And without the elves, I would still be the rage-filled monster stitched together by my father's genius and unholy hubris.

Now, I have a good life. I have family. Friends. A community that supports and protects me. But some ghosts from rage-filled pasts are more horrific than others. Some want to rip apart more than just my soul.

Some want my flesh. And now I must face a vampiric demon so powerful not even elven magic can stop it...

Join Frank Victorsson and the magical people of Alfheim, Minnesota, in Monster Born, the first novel in the new Northern Creatures series from Kris Austen Radcliffe.

Audria - The Untold History

Category : 0

Born to a poor history teacher and a zealous housewife in a dystopian world where God is law, Audria grows up in a dry, arid land where there is little to eat and do but learn scripture and contemplate life.

She finds herself drawn to a strange band of rebels, hell-bent on changing the world. But is rebellion enough to cure her soul from emptiness and give her something to live for?

Audria - The Untold History is a compelling literary novel that explores the foundations of what makes us human, in an inhumane world.

The Muse: A Novel Of Unrelenting Terror

Category : 0

Famed novelist Jack Court has a secret: the wealthy writer is a serial killer. He has another hidden treasure, a small antediluvian creature that dwells within him and gives him youth, strength and a superhuman ability to avoid capture. On his trail is Sheriff Neil Trajan, who is certain Court murdered his wife three years earlier.

When the author is hit by a careless driver, the creature leaves him and through a series of events, ends up with lowly writer, Harold Godwine. Godwine begins to write faster and better, but is troubled by dreams of blood.

However, Jack is healing - and devolving into something not quite human. As Court seeks the young author, he leaves a trail of destruction, pursued by Trajan and his FBI associate, Bill Morris.

Will Jack Court do anything to retrieve the companion that inspires his dark desires?

FREE eBook from August 11 - 15, 2017

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