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A Degree of Change!

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017 | No Comments

The central character Serena is facing a crisis in her life, at the age of 45 her once stunning good looks are fading fast, her hair is thinning, her face is wrinkling, her teeth are yellowing and her waist is thickening fast. To make matters worse, Serena has sought solace in the oldest brain numbing, waist expanding, depression, inducing trick in the book, the excessive consumption of 'Chablis'.

She has two extremely beautiful teenage daughters, that she has passed her very fortunate set of genes onto, when she looks at them she realises how sad, futile and ultimately self destructing the cosmetic surgery path is. She makes her mind up firmly never to go down that route, as she is clever enough to realize no amount of money can bring back her youth and vitality.

Her once affluent middle class life style has collapsed around her, since her childhood sweetheart, but rather abusive husband of the last 22 years lost his financial investment business in the crash of September 2007.

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