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Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings Book 1)

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A tale of Viking raids, ill-fated thralls, noble kings and their sons, and friendship and love. Above all else, a tale of unforgivable betrayal and the ever-present desire for revenge.

The life of Eadwulf, son of the Mercian king, is changed forever when his family is betrayed to the raiding Danes by his treacherous uncle. His father is killed, his mother raped, and he is taken to the Danish lands as a slave. Eadwulf's new mistress is harsh and unforgiving, his everyday life extremely hard - until the return of the jarl's jovial firstborn, Bjorn, who allows Eadwulf to become a part of his closely-knit crew.

In Wessex, Alfred, son of the Wessex king, faces tragedy from an early age. Death claims his mother and his beloved sister leaves on her marriage to the new Mercian king: a man whom Alfred detests. At the courts of his father and older brothers, Alfred learns the art of kingship, and, like Eadwulf, he learns that a trusted kinsman can easily turn traitor.

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