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The Spring Child's Whisper

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017 | No Comments

January Grant hunts the witch hunters. Her superior, Claire Darblay, assigns her to take the fight to those who, even today, persecute the Sisterhood. So, when Claire asks January to retrieve two young runaways who have absconded from the Burgrun House Coven, she can't help feeling that this is a job more suited to one of the Sisterhood's social workers. And when January, a Sister used to action, is also tasked with the seemingly diplomatic mission of finding the reason for the girls' decision to abscond, it seems that things couldn't get any worse... until her mother calls with news that her younger sister is also missing. Could the two events be linked? Cordelia Trent, the enigmatic Elder of the Burgrun House Coven, is in no mood to compromise. She wants the runaways back. But this coven hides a deadly secret. Can January get to the truth before any more Sisters pay the price of that secret?

Free Days: 09/01 - 09/03

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