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The Clobber File

Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2017 | No Comments

Ever wondered what your neighbour's diary might contain; whether it holds a secret that could change their world - and everyone else's - in all sorts of comical ways? Can Barney, the redundant librarian, and Caroline, the investigative journalist, use what they discover in a second-hand desk diary - plus the dubious services of Hooker-Bookers.Inc - to thwart conniving Senator Erich Werner? Will US Marine D Banger and the doomed French-Canadian Henri Ferrell qualify as the most inept special agents of all time? And why should you never, ever take a nun from the Order of St Glevum at face value? THE CLOBBER FILE offers a wry take on the early 21st century where you can be sure the unexpected will always happen - particularly if there's a bit of cutting-edge technology involved.

Free Days: 09/08 - 09/10

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