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Property Development: Comprehensive and up-to date

Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 | No Comments

Ever considered going into property development then this comprehensive, practical guide, will move you from novice to professional developer in just 15 days, This no-frills, no stone unturned, guide on how to succeed, whatever your starting point; whether 9to5 employee, tradesman or or property professional, there's something for everyone. Information-packed, you're invited to share knowledge and knowhow on; five types of development investments, homebuyer segments who'll buy your refurbished and converted properties, how to raise finance, negotiating legal minefields of planning and building regulations. We make sure you get to the finishing line. Whether new or an old hand, a copy of this publication will see you through economic downturns and boom times. Over a thirty year period, the author, has had direct involvement with all aspects of the property development sector. You're invited to share in his journey and experience.

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