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Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Shattered Abacus

Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 | No Comments

A romping tale of adventure, science and magic for all ages! Orville Wellington Mouse unwittingly sets off a galaxy shaking chain of events when he buys his mum a lovely birthday necklace from Miraculum's Fine Antiques. When Orville and his best friend Sophia Mouse observe a small glass marble breaking the laws of physics they set out to discover the cause of its extraordinary behavior, unexpectedly revealing the marble's astonishing connection to his mum's new necklace. The pair of young Metaphysical Adventurers soon find themselves in a desperate race to prevent time from stopping in their galaxy. With help from their good friend Proto the Rabbiton, Master Marloh of the Metaphysical Adventurers, the Mad Mouse of Muridaan, Ollo the Rock Mouse, Myrmac the Brave, the King of Ants, the Shrieking Terror of Tatuid, and Captain Patcher of the Dragonfly Squadron, Orville and Sophia must travel to the terrifying apocalyptic planet of Varmoran to discover the incredible truth that lies within the mysterious blue marble.

Free Days: 11/16 - 11/18

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