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The Very Last Sunrise

Posted on Friday, November 24, 2017 | No Comments

Dynah looked at her twin brother Sol in shock.Did he say that they would soon fry?! A vision of Sol in a cooking pan appeared before her eyes! A billion years from now, the Sun has grown bright enough to heat up the Earth and boil away the seas. People have fled to a new star. The twins' village is the last to go. But the day before, the old jelly-brain computer needed for the voyage has crashed. Starr, the twins' friend and the main computer Keeper, has vanished. Has he really joined the rebel group that refuses to leave Earth? The twins set out on a desperate quest to find him. With the help of a rusty sailor-robot and an old Sun Scholar (and ice-cream), they escape bullies, storms, fire, and a tower to reach the rebel island with its mysterious playground. But will Starr help them? Or are they all indeed doomed to fry under the Sun's fierce gaze?

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