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Avianna and Rupert the Space Bear

Posted on Friday, December 1, 2017 | No Comments

Avianna is an inquisitive child. When she finds herself in the presence of a Space Bear after he becomes trapped on Earth, she is led on an adventure through space as she helps the bear return home to the planet Pluto.

Whilst she courageously helps, they both have challenges throughout the journey and Avianna must deal with the dilemma of sacrificing her own self-interests for the bear's survival.

Wondering if this was all a dream or reality, she later learns that deep within her is a selfless and courageous young girl.

Throughout the story is a message about determination and self-belief, taking readers on a humorous and emotional journey.

With its imaginative feel and out-of-this-world artwork from Shiela Marie, this is a reassuring, fun and exciting story for any child and young teen with an appetite for science and space exploration.

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