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My Girl

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2017 | No Comments

Emotions run high in this triumph of storytelling with straight-from-life characters experiencing love, passion, desire, elation, depression and despair due to the complex dynamics involved in relationships and within families. Neil enjoys an idyllic childhood then events surrounding his brother have a profound effect on him. Highly intelligent and ambitious, he refuses to let anything divert him from his route towards success, but can he win the heart of the one woman who is seemingly out of his reach? Christa suffers a huge disruption during her young life, followed by a devastating betrayal, leading to serious trust issues. Effortlessly beautiful with a delightful personality, she is adored by all, but will she ever regain the ability to trust? When Neil first sets eyes on Christa, he is captivated but she fails to notice him. Tumultuous tragedies and triumphs dictate that their paths will cross and they are inevitably drawn closer together.

Free Days: 12/21 - 12/24

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