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The Cult of Kishpu

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 | No Comments

Squad J is the very last yet overworked and underappreciated squad of Global Creature Alliance, the secret military company that finds and protects every vulnerable anthropomorphic animal all over the world from the dangers of Planet Earth.

Just when their future looks grim, a new world war starts. Not only is every country attacking every other country, but monsters including merciless sphinxes, brutal wendigos and terrifying mothmen among them are being unleashed in the process. Meanwhile, Squad J's beloved Sergeant Rhys Lukeson has vanished without letting anyone know where he has gone to. Is this war mankind's doing or is there something else behind it? How is Lukeson involved in it? And who are the mysterious Cult of Kishpu?

In order to find their loyal sergeant and find the clues to solve this mysterious war, Squad J will have to confront their past and present to save the world's future...

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