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Saving Eden

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Category : 0

Amazon review 5 stars; To generate that level of emotion in a reader in respect of a fictional character is a brilliant achievement on the part of the author

Amazon review 5 stars; An entertaining read which I highly recommend if you want a charming romance that is a little bit different

“There is a conflict in every life called Love.

A conflict as old as the Garden of Eden.

A contest between right and wrong

Within this battle of Love, every human being has a part."

She's an All-American girl from Harlan.

He's a world-renowned ecologist from England.

Who Knew?

How were they to know their paths would cross in such a strange way?

Was it fate or folly?

How can falling in love be so easy, and yet so hard?

They are just hoping they can stop the road being built, before it's too late.

Or at least before they both fall harder than they've ever done before.

Alone they are one voice. Together, they are Saving Eden.

A captivating and fascinating thought provoking read!

Ward Thomas appear courtesy of themselves (Catherine & Lizzy) and Ward Thomas Music.

Harlan campground, cabins & kayaking appear courtesy of CEO Mr Stephen Foster.

All reviews received with gratitude.

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Chateau of Passion

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The witch obsesses over him. He can't get her out of his mind. How will this end? France, 1358 The Palais de la Cite, home to the King of Francia plays host to endless court intrigue - not least one thrilling rapier duel after another fought by Sir Tristen - who has a problem avoiding the endless train of ladies of the land luring him to their night chambers. Trapped by a curse In the magical Tower, the witch Tempeste is imprisoned by memories of Tristen - when he was both her captive and lover - while distracted by the increasing devotion of her student, the innocent Aluin. Will these two ever know again the joy of each other's arms?

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Case of the: Strawberry Cream Stabbing

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After losing her husband, Beatrice thought her days of adventure were over, but then she meets a handsome debonair man who turns out to be a conman and murdered days later. Armed with her two quirky best friends and a sarcastic handsome police detective, Beatrice must solve the murder mystery before the crime gets too close for comfort!

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The Art Of Communication: Master Social Skills And Small Talk, Develop Charisma, Attract Friends, Captivate People And Be Irresistible - EFFORTLESSLY

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You're about to discover the most powerful secrets to solving any communication or relationship problem you may have with people! It doesn't matter whether you're having trouble...

Communicating with anyone Expressing your feelings Socializing confidently Making lots of true friends Captivating the person of your dreams The Art Of Effective Communication will show you how to solve all of your communication issues and more! It contains 3 sections that addresses the 12 communication barriers... Get this book FREE for a limited time before the price goes back up

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A Change of Hate

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 Category : 0

Sometimes, the most tragic casualties of war are those who survive...

Harrison "Hawk Bennett, defense lawyer and former Green Beret, finds himself entangled in a broad government conspiracy.

Spanning the time from his Special Ops missions in Vietnam to the present, Hawk finds himself representing a Buddhist Monk accused of murdering a CIA official.

Nothing is ever as it seems and the past is but a memory away...

His Best Friend's Girl

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A touch leads to a kiss, and a kiss to a night that throws a kink-or three-into Sky's plan. Leaving her wondering if she's going for the wrong man...and letting the right one slip through her fingers.

Vengeance and Forgiveness

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Vengeance the instinctive desire to get back at the source of one's injury is generally accompanied by the moral emotion of resentment and indignation, which are also natural psychological reactions. They arise when an individual suffers a non-trivial injury (Physical or mental) that was inflicted without excuse or justification. As an individual feels threatened. We hope then to impose punishment. Forgiveness comes later, if ever.

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Ash: Jagged Edge Series #5

Monday, January 29, 2018 Category : , , , 0

It’s funny how your past choices always seem to follow you. But when it becomes a mistake that you will soon regret, there is only one thing you can do ‘Fix it.’ Juliette Daniels wanted to do just that, but every time she tried to do the right thing, she ended up getting sucked in deeper and deeper. Her destiny was not her own and one man controlled it. Her Master

Ash Jacobs was a simple man, hard working with good morals, but the minute he met his sexy new neighbor that all changed. His obsession to find out who she was might have been the one thing to push her away, but there was no way he was going to give up until he found out the truth. Not even Sebastian Collins could stop the desire he had for her.

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For Every Minute of Anger, You Lose 60 Seconds of Happiness: Happiness or Anger - It's Your Choice

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"For every minutes of anger, you lose 60 seconds of happiness". Would you chose to be happy or angry? This book introduces basic importance of happiness and effects of anger on happiness. The precedents have been taken from real life situations according to religions, researches of all over world. It discusses on strategies to control feeling of anger, and the viewpoints of attaining happiness from different religions. Grab a copy and learn the techniques that enable you to be happy. Should you have any comment on the book, please feel free to provide your review. Your review is important to me as it allows me to rectify my shortfall and provide you with much better reading experience in future.

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Fighting Inflammatory Diseases: Inflammation Explained + Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Sunday, January 28, 2018 Category : , , , 0

There are so many Anti-Inflammatory books out there. So, what make this book special?

Unlike many other books which stress mostly on the recipes, in this book, I've listed various minerals and food source that contain high contents of anti-inflammatory nutrients so you will know exactly what are the best food to be used in your recipes should you decide to create one for yourselves. I strongly encourage people to create their own recipes, taking my recipes as a sample, mix and match, replace some of my ingredients with those that you preferred. This make your cooking more fun.

Last but not least, there is a whole string of delicious and throat soothing recipes that can improve your health as well as fulfilling your taste-bud.


Should you have any comments after reading the book, please feel free to provide your review. By understanding the shortfall in my book, I will be able to improve it and provide you with better reading experience.

Wishing everyone Healthy and Happy !!!

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The Sambuca Queen: Finding a Balance that Suits You

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Why did I write this book?

Very simply, I got fed up of every health book that I picked up, starting with the lines ….No alcohol! Or no alcohol for one month and it made me feel that if I didn’t do that one thing 100%, then I was either weak or I had failed before I’d even started. I wanted a manual for real life not just for New Year Resolutions. I wrote a book, that I would like to find, gently inspiring a healthier attitude, written in a way that is true if not on occasions humorous and yet not preaching. Helping each of us to validate ourselves rather looking for outside validation. With practical advice on how to make better life decisions, health and beauty tips and techniques, easy and healthy recipes to follow, how to avoid hangovers or cure them, simply self-care but in the real world. I am not reliant on Sambuca or alcohol but I am faithful and just sometimes a drink is what you need but if we balance it with healthy alternatives and give ourselves options and generally be kind to ourselves, why can’t we find the balance and enjoy it all! After all life is for living and not a spectator sport.

The Sambuca Queen Club: Finding a BALANCE that suits YOU

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Why did I write this book? Very simply, I got fed up of every health book that I picked up, starting with the lines... No alcohol! Or no alcohol for one month and it made me feel that if I didn't do that one thing 100%, then I was either weak or I had failed before I'd even started. I wanted a manual for real life not just for New Year Resolutions. I wrote a book, that I would like to find, gently inspiring a healthier attitude, written in a way that is true if not on occasions humorous and yet not preaching. Helping each of us to validate ourselves rather looking for outside validation. With practical advice on how to make better life decisions, health and beauty tips and techniques, easy and healthy recipes to follow, how to avoid hangovers or cure them, simply self-care but in the real world. I am not reliant on Sambuca or alcohol but I am faithful and just sometimes a drink is what you need but if we balance it with healthy alternatives and give ourselves options and generally be kind to ourselves, why can't we find the balance and enjoy it all! After all life is for living and not a spectator sport.

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Pianist in a Bordello

Saturday, January 27, 2018 Category : , , 0

What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth-the whole truth?

Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out. He's running on a platform of honesty and transparency-and against the advice of his friends and advisers he's decided to start with himself. His autobiography will lay his entire life bare before voters just days before the election.

And what a life he's had. Born in a commune and named Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood as an angry shot at his absent father, Richard grows up in the spotlight, the son of an enigmatic fugitive and the grandson of a Republican senator.

He's kidnapped and rescued, kicked out of college for a prank involving turkeys, arrested in Hawaii while trying to deliver secrets to the CIA...Dick Nixon Youngblood's ready to tell all.

He'll even tell his readers about the Amandas-three women who share a name but not much else, and who each have helped shape and define the man he's become.

Are voters really ready for the whole truth?

Are you?

Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who is full of surprises.

Sigfried's Smelly Socks!

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Warning: Everyone says this book stinks! Hold your nose for this hilarious story about a young boy's search for why his book smells so bad...

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The Heat - A Thrilling Alpha Billionaire Romance

Friday, January 26, 2018 Category : 0

Ali Pearson used to be a bad girl. She spent her college years off the rails. She played hard, drank hard and loved hard. When Ali got a last chance to turn her around life, she took it. But when Ali comes face to face with the college's new wealthy benefactor, billionaire businessman Sebastian Clements, she is fascinated and deeply attracted to him. She knows it's wrong. She knows it's dangerous. But Ali is soon ready to risk it all for pure hot passion. Sebastian Clements is a man used to power. He knows what he wants and how to get it. When Sebastian sees Ali for the first time, it sparks a fire of desire which might consume them both. Ali gets an opportunity to learn about the infamous billionaire. An opportunity she deeply wants, but might deeply regret. Because Sebastian Clements has much more than passion in mind... The Heat of temptation is back in Ali's life. The lure of danger is calling. But this danger is about more than passion. Sebastian Clements is not what he seems. He has a dark secret...and it involves the people and places dear to Ali's heart.

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Girl Crush

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Girl Crush is an erotic female romance novella that brings to light that one time… The one time you found yourself questioning your so-called sexuality, potentially risking your friendship. What if the feelings aren’t reciprocated? Confusion and pain brings them closer together, feeding from one another’s strengths and thrusting them into each other’s arms. Are the risks of their new-found love worth the result? This novella caters to adults over 18 as it does contain a high level of consensual MF (1 scene) and FF sexual encounters.

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Texas Troubles

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Want to get away from the daily grind?

So did Ollie!

Middle-aged Professor Ollie Stratford's been hounded by a psycho realtor, outrun by a bunch of grandma's, taken advice from sock puppets, stuck in a brimming toilet bowl, and almost run out of college by a drunken professor. How is that for her first few days in a quiet little Texas town she never wanted to live in?

Thrust into the middle of a murder mystery with a dwindling pile of cash and very few leads Ollie starts digging. Along the way, she teams up with an oddball reporter, a dreadlocks flashing lawyer, a grandma who teaches mixed martial arts, and a stray dog named Bodie. Can she discover the identity of the killer in time or will she end up being the next victim?

If you like cozy mysteries, clever animals, southern charm, and coffee, you'll love Texas Troubles, the first in a fun series of Ollie Stratford Murder Mysteries set in a small Texan Hill Country town, with all its quirky inhabitants.

Pick up this page-turner today!

Tears, Love, and Laughter: Bill and Sil's Amazing New Zealand Adventure

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Bill and Sil's intended journey was turned upside down. Their plans were thwarted, as the Canterbury Plains of the South Island of New Zealand were rocked and rolled by earthquakes and aftershocks. Travel arrangements had to be changed. Risks thought through. However, despite environmental challenges, these two very different characters began their journey. Little did they know it would be an adventure full of tears, love, and laughter. Join them as they travel through the devastated streets of Christchurch and across the two islands of New Zealand. Journeying from the southernmost point of the South Island to the northern most tip of the North Island. Tales of penguins on beaches, glaciers, thermal pools, ever changing scenery and an insight into some of the history of this fascinating country. Sometimes witty, sometimes sombre. This is Bill and Sil's Amazing New Zealand Adventure. Sit Back. Relax. Enjoy the experience.

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Lady in the Tower (Rapunzel)

Thursday, January 25, 2018 Category : , 0

Rapunzel de Bar  has been kidnapped and cursed by the old witch, Hecuba. She's trapped in a tower that has one window and no doors.   she tries an escape on her own, she meets the Dragon Lord in training, Marco Drago del Rossi III. But he's more interested in chasing down criminals for the bounty instead of saving damsels in distress - until they share a kiss.

Can a Dragon Lord in training and a cursed lady find love amongst all the turmoil that magic has placed in their lives? And is escape even an option for Rapunzel with a curse so dark that Marco is forced to push his past aside and risk everything for the girl he loves?

Love knows no bounds, and sometimes a prison is not physical . . . but self-made.

Me-Time Tales: tea breaks for mature women and curious men

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"QUIRKY AND INTRIGUING" - KATIE FFORDE. This collection of ironic short stories please men and women equally. Women at all stages of life. Do you know a woman like one of these?

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Someplace Else

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A disillusioned Laurie Price has washed up in Papaya in the American desert. It's 1938 and another war is imminent. A mysterious car dumps the delicious Angie Reeves in the road. She is all alone. Laurie needs to help her but Angie is tougher than he realised; stronger than the vicious thugs who seize her back and the fascist gang whose sole wish is to deal in death. Together they take them on but how could they know what secrets the desert held? The road towards the story's conclusion is a winding one. Nobody is who he or she appears to be and the tale is peppered with deceits and false trails. Laurie tells his story in a tough no-nonsense way that keeps the reader guessing until all is revealed in an explosive conclusion.

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Lost in Starlight

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Category : , 0

Super sleuthy, reporter Sloane Masterson knows she has one helluva story when she witnesses hottie Hayden Lancaster bending forks with his mind. Like any good journalist, Sloane sets out to uncover the truth, even if it includes a little stalking. When the superhuman feats start to pile up and Hayden's intergalactic enemies come for an unexpected visit, he has no choice but to reveal his darkest secrets. Yet even at Hayden's insistence that dating is "off limits" and dangerous, their fiery attraction threatens to go supernova. But if they follow their hearts, there will be deadly consequences-Hayden's disapproving clan could permanently erase Sloane's memories. Now Sloane must make a choice to protect herself or...forget the boy she loves forever.

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The Listener's Tale

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After the mysterious death of her parents, Anna discovers a new world: a quirky village where singers fly, the elders are hundreds of years old, and everyone has access to magic. At first bemused, then charmed, Anna settles in to her new life-until someone tries to kill her. A charming fantasy for young teens.

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A Man's Partner

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Category : 0

Detective Jericho's former partner, Mickey "Mouse" Davis, with whom he worked in NYPD Homicide, is found dead in his car -killed by a single gunshot fired into his mouth. A handwritten suicide note is discovered beside him. NYPD declares Mouse's death a suicide, but Jericho has his doubts. He takes time off from his East Hampton Police Department work and goes into the city to investigate. The New York cops tell Jericho to stay out of it, so Jericho must try to solve this case on his own. As Sam Spade says in The Maltese Falcon "When a man's partner is killed, he's supposed to do something about it."

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Dark & Day

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It's magic versus machines as a sickly boy gets caught up in the politics, prophecy and prejudice that threatens to tear the world apart! "An imaginative feast for younger readers. Grey's message is laudable" - Kirkus Indie Review "I've compared this book to Final Fantasy and Dr. Strangelove. For those who know me, you're starting to realize that I actually enjoyed the heck out of this book. It was really a fun read. The book is really about propaganda, religion, and the depths to which humanity can sink if it places faith over humanity. Jono is a great character. ... His beliefs are challenged, and his intelligence starts to put together a comprehensive picture of the world. That, in turn, sends him off on this journey to try to reconcile the two sides of this Cold War at what would be the equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis." - Friday Indie Review "A well-crafted novel, its universe holding together without the inconsistencies sometimes apparent in the fantasy genre. There are excellent fight scenes and illusion. There are also themes of the Cold War in the depiction of two cultures divided, armed against each other, almost too paralyzed with fear to act.." - San Francisco Book Review

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Forever Charmed

Monday, January 22, 2018 Category : 0

Being named Halloween makes it easy to be a witch, but it doesn't make being a witch easy. A newly inherited large home seems like the perfect Bed and Breakfast opportunity, especially one spooky night when a handsome guest shows up at the front door. But that is just one of the many mysteries Halloween is now dealing with in her old house. Light romance, mysteries within mysteries, ghosts, humor, and witches of all types inhabit the world of Halloween LaVeau and these 8 cozy witch mystery books.

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25 Healthy and Tasty Smoothie Recipes: A Life Changing Experience. A New You

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A lot of people stress on low carb or low sugar food, the very basic components for this type food usually include vegetables and fruits. Due to busy schedule, nearly all of us prefer to go for the frozen food rather than cutting the vegetables and making something out of them. This amazing smoothie recipe book is for people who are looking for the new experiences in their life. It can be used by a primer who is seeking the smoothie practice. It is also beneficial to people who want to boost their nutrition. This book will take your smoothie experience up to the next level. You only need 15 minutes each day to improve your health. So, Don't hesitate! Grab one and read!!! Follow the recipes and you're on your way to better health! Should you have any comment on the book, please feel free to provide your review. Your review is important to me as it allows me to rectify my shortfall and provide you with much better reading experience in future.

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After School: Is Getting an MBA Really Worth It?

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30 MBA grads a few years out of school recollect their triumphs and missteps before and after business school. This is After School: Is Getting an MBA Really Worth It?

An MBA is a big commitment, so you want to get the most out of it. After School features the following:

30 interviews from MBA graduates 1 – 5 years out of school.

Ethereum : Discover The Ultimate Investment Plan

Sunday, January 21, 2018 Category : 0

There is a new way to invest and make money. When it comes to investing money, there is a new form taking over that is proving to be very successful. Ethereum is the new way people can invest their money. This form of cryptocurrency is used in Bitcoin and the future is looking promising.
In the past couple of months, the price of Ethereum has greatly increased. This currency is still pretty new to most people and it will take some time and research to figure out how it works and the best plan for investing.
According to the definition from the Ethereum website, this is a new platform for application to run as they are programmed. They will run in that exact manner and there is not a chance of fraud happening. There is no censorship and no third parties will be involved in the manner in which this company runs and operates.
In this book you will learn...
What Is Ethereum?
Smart Contracts
What Is Ether?
Ethereum Company
The Financial History Of Ether
Ethereum Programs
Difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin
How to Invest using Ethereum
How to Buy, Sell, And Store Ether
What Is Ethereum Mining?
How Ethereum will change the economy
How to enter the word of Cryptocurrency
Additional information you need to know if you want to purchase Ether
The Future Of Ethereum
Much, Much More!

Heir of the Hunted

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Everything changes the night Radyn's family is slaughtered. Driven by vengeance, he abandons his life in the traveling carnival and sets out to find the mysterious assassins, unaware they seek his death above all others. Radyn's life has been decreed forfeit by a forgotten god. But why does one god want him dead, while another seeks to make him their champion?

Now, reality doesn't seem to be working. Time has started to skip. Gravity is rebelling. The Hollow World is awakening, and Radyn is walking in the steps of an ancient prophecy. The Saelydion, the primordial barrier to the underworld, is failing. The theed, no longer just a tale to frighten children, walk the surface once more, and hordes of voiceless holy men gather in the Rolwood Forest, harbingers of their masters' release. Only the Alakyte stand in opposition, an order of mystical warriors on the verge of extinction.

If Radyn is to avenge his family and unravel the secrets of his destiny, he must call on two unlikely strangers: Kyna, a deadly Alakyte warrior on her very first mission, and Loken the Half-Mortal, a surly demigod cast out by his father. Only together do they stand a chance at turning back the darkness... If discovering the ancient truth about their homeworld doesn't destroy them first.

Existential: A Sci-Fi Horror Thriller

Saturday, January 20, 2018 Category : 0

It was supposed to be just another mission...

Buried deep in the rugged Alaskan wilderness lies a secret that could alter the future of mankind - a secret that billionaire Elizabeth Grey has invested millions in solving. When the dig goes silent and all attempts at making contact fail, an elite team of battle hardened military contractors is brought in led by former Marine Max Ahlgren, a warrior haunted by his past. The mission: to make contact and rescue a team of scientists and engineers working on a secretive "archeological" project.

Once on the ground, the team discovers the grizzly truth that this is no ordinary rescue mission. In what was supposed to be an easy pay day, Max and his men find themselves in the fight of their lives against a nightmarish enemy like nothing they have ever seen. The mission becomes a struggle for survival as the world's greatest soldiers encounter the universe's ultimate terror in a battle that puts all of humanity at stake.


Friday, January 19, 2018 Category : 0

Rage is a murder, mystery, thriller that raises important issues in forensic science, psychology today, and the practice of clinical psychiatry. Strange things are happening in Hillsborough, the affluent suburb of San Francisco: normal people without a hint of psychiatric problems suddenly become violent. None have motive for assault or murder, and being residents of Hillsborough is the only factor they have in common. While they remember nothing of their violence, observers describe their behavior as strange-like an automaton. Michael Rose, a psychiatrist and expert in forensic science and his associate, Karen Scott, a clinical psychologist, study the people accused of these crimes. They suspect that this behavior is more than psychiatric, but fail to come up with a credible explanation. The legal and medical establishments scratch their collective heads about how to assign responsibility for these acts as advocates make their cases while Michael and Karen pursue the truth. Finally, Michael and Karen discover what happened, but we must await the climax and denouement to understand. Rage is not only a 'who done it', it's a 'why and how done-it.' FROM FIVE STAR REVIEWER 6/29/2014: This book gripped me and would not let go! I have read almost every single book Lawrence Gold has written. I have yet to find one I didn't absolutely enjoy! Rage does have medical components but is a stand alone novel apart from his hospital series.

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Connor's Gambit

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Brad Johnson is the lone witness to a UFO sighting. The sighting, while odd in itself, is not the only incident that occurs that evening. The incident is followed up with the alien targeting him and his family.

The firefight with the alien destroys everything Brad thought he knew about his family and pulls him into an intergalactic battle between two space faring aliens. Brad quickly finds himself leaving Earth struggling to understand his role with the aliens on both sides of the conflict. One group threatens Earth's security, the other group wants something from him.

All Brad wants to do is to survive and return home to his family, but not until he embarks on the greatest adventure of his life.

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The Pier

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A body has been found on a Dorset beach close to a dilapidated pier following a 'Ladies Night' entertainment evening held at The Pirate, a rundown beach bar frequented by dubious characters whose lives are interwoven with mystery and intrigue.

Jim Campbell's new life is crashing around him after his jilted mistress, Dawn, tracks him down, and the realization that his wife, Kirsty, is also having an affair.

Simon Twigge, a petty criminal, suffering flashbacks from his abusive childhood, is enraged after his eccentric landlord suddenly threatens his family with eviction.

Nadine Taylor, a former drug addict, is struggling to stay clean following shocking revelations regarding her birth parents.

Also having connections to the seedy venue is Dave Bell, a notorious local business man. His secret past comes back to haunt him when a face from the past, Vernon Sykes, tries to blackmail him.

D.I. Petra Little, returning to work after a vicious attack, has her work cut out with this intricate case.

Entromancy: Book One of the Nightpath Trilogy

Category : , , 0

2076 is not a good year to be a special agent in this urban fantasy thriller from M. S. Farzan!

Did The Victim Turn?

Category : 0

Anna's life had been so good when growing up. Her parents were brilliant & supportive. Her siblings fun. Maybe her stable upbringing hadn't prepared Anna for the challenges which would present themselves to her when she became a young woman. She had settled into a steady relationship before she had turned 17 then married by 21. The Children arrived with no effort when she chose. She had a vibrant and successful career. What is it that keeps causing conflict which eventually leads to events that will change her 'apparently' wonderful life forever. They say 'it's all in the eyes'. It's the eyes that speak if you look close enough as they can't lie. If only there had been a window to look through!

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The Plague Within

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Every once in a while, I am blessed to have read so many great books and use so many great products that I press forward to experience the next without taking the time to review them immediately. That was the case with Doctor Lawrence W. Gold's book "The Plague Within." This is a book about people who are truly ingenious and on the front edge of medical technology that will change the course of humanity. It is also a book about egos that are bigger than life. Life-saving discoveries are pushed to limits much too soon. Jack Byrnes, Medical Director at Berkeley Brier Hospital ICU and his wife Beth, the head ICU nurse are concerned with their Patient Rachel Palmer and are excited with technology that has helped her recover at a rapid, unheard of rate. Greed, egos, overconfidence and shortcuts give way to reality and creates a catastrophe that makes for a believable stress filled and haunting suspense novel that I had trouble putting down. The Plague Within is an intriguing, breathtaking story written by a medical doctor who leaves the reader wondering if this set of circumstances could or will happen in the stage of human need to play God. This author's writing skills and ability to tell a believable fast-paced storyline kept me on the edge of my chair frantically flipping pages from the beginning to the very end. My best guess is that you will do so too.

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Sweet Bear O'Mine (Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters Book 1)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Category : 0

Jax Hart knows exactly what his smile can do to women. As the lead guitarist of Wild Harts, Jax has taken advantage of everything his smoking looks, rockstar fame, and raw talent have given him. But that's before he sees her in the front row--his fated mate. He'd left Montana behind hoping to rid himself of shifter lore and clan power struggles, but he can't deny what he's feeling ... or what his bear is demanding. Now, he just has to convince Tiff Anderson they're soulmates before his band hits the road. And before a danger from his past comes back to exact revenge.

Tiff Anderson wouldn't have even gone to see Wild Harts if her best friend hadn't dragged her. But she has to admit, the Hart brothers are hot-especially sexy guitarist Jax. Despite an instant connection, Tiff can't forget Jax's reputation. Is she just one more woman in a string of broken hearts he leaves behind? Rumors are swirling, obscuring the real danger-a threat that lurks in plain sight, waiting for the perfect moment to destroy Jax and Tiff's love for good.

Together, Jax and Tiff can conquer anything in their way ... but only if they can look past the lies and learn to trust each other.

The Ice Maiden

Category : 0

A serial killer is abducting, torturing, and murdering young women in a small community in central Maine. Seeming to select his victims at random, he acts out the rituals of the Spanish Inquisition before committing their bodies to the sacred waters of nearby Sebec Lake. Anne Quinn, an investigator for the Piscataquis County sheriff's office, and Detective Douglas Bateman with the Major Crimes Unit of the Maine State Police join forces in tracking him down. Hiding in plain sight, the killer is clearly from the local community and plays a deadly "catch me if you can" game with Quinn and Bateman. He seems determined to humiliate them and demonstrate his superior intellect, leading them to suspect that perhaps there is a deeper motive and purpose behind his string of murders.

The Mortis Chronicles: Trials Of Eden - Flesh Trade

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When Earth is destroyed in a cataclysmic event known as 'The Reckoning,' all remaining species relocate and begin to populate the planet, Eden. The war that raged between humans and the supernatural on Earth continues, but the hierarchy has shifted. Mortis is an ancient demon, a hunter of hunters, and he roams the ravaged landscape as a hired gun. With his latest mission completed, he heads to Spring Water to collect his bounty. Once there, Blood Moon-the top Ork military commander-asks Mortis to investigate the murder of a visiting dignitary in the nearby outpost Posideon. With a promised pay-out four times more than his going rate, Mortis accepts and begins the trek. A loner, Mortis' plans are suddenly altered when a succubus joins him and the pair head to Posideon together. His travel companion, Synclair, is as unpredictable and mysterious as the terrain, but they are inexplicably drawn to one another. Deep undercover in debauchery, Mortis and Synclair find themselves thrust into a realm of slavery where the flesh traders rule. As Mortis peels back the layers of deceit in search of a killer, what he finds may prove fatal. Not only to himself, but to thousands of others, too. Trials of Eden - Flesh Trade; is the first instalment of The Mortis Chronicles series by the author Phillip Pullen. Book two, Hunter's Creed, is coming soon.

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60+ Simple & Delicious Egg Recipes: Nutrition Facts + Cooking Method

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Unlike most yogurt and cereals, egg consists of only one ingredient - "eggs" itself. It is the cheapest source of high-quality protein. An average size egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein which helps in sustaining mental and physical energy throughout the day. Egg yolk contains a substance, Choline which helps to promote normal cell activity, liver function and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body. It is also vital in the infant's memory functions development. Egg contains zero carbs and sugar, which mean you can eat a well-rounded breakfast during the week without feeling round yourself. This book consists of over 60 healthy, delicious egg-as-ingredient recipes, easy-to-find ingredients, easy-to-follow cooking steps, covering breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Don't miss it !!! Grab one book and read. Should you have any comment on the book, please feel free to provide your review. Your review is important to me as it allows me to rectify my shortfall and provide you with much better reading experience in future.

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City of Rogues: Book | of the Kobalos Trilogy

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Kron Darkbow seeks vengeance, and he plans to have it no matter the costs. Returning to the city of his birth after 15 years, he hunts down the wizard responsible for the deaths of those he loved only to find out another was responsible for the murders. That other is Belgad the Liar, a former barbarian chieftain who is now boss of the city's underworld. Following his path for blood, Kron comes across the magical healer, Randall Tendbones, and accidentally reveals Randall's darkest secret to the world. It's a secret about the past, a secret that has kept Randall on the run for three years. Now it has caught up with him, and Belgad the Liar is suddenly the least of Randall and Kron's concerns. The gaze of Lord Verkain, king of of the dark northern land of Kobalos, has fallen upon Kron and Randall. And it is a gaze filled with madness.

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Knockout Procrastinating For Good: Break The Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Time Management, Productivity, Success And Your Inner Procrastinator - OVERCOME LAZINESS - INSTANTLY

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Are you are constantly putting things off? Do you struggle with completing projects or specific tasks? Are you fed up with the stress, guilt and overwhelm that comes with procrastination? Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential? Or do you just want conquer those lazy feelings, get things done and achieve success in your life? What Will Knockout Procrastinating give you? Discover the real reasons you procrastinate... and how to overcome them Learn why too much information is a BAD thing Take action on a task -- even when you're not in the mood to do it. The mental trick that turns saying "No" into a blessing...for you AND for the other person How to reframe ALL your negative thoughts The secret to less stress, more positive outlooks and experiencing real excitement in life How living in the here and now is critical to your success...and what to do about it Complete daily tasks, quickly and easily with a simple time-management technique Organize your life so you're not buried in paperwork or your to-do list. The secret to getting better sleep and how to experience the power that good sleep unleashes How to tap into self awareness to change how people see you and how you see yourself Simple routines to keep your mind awake and focused. And so much more

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Montana Sky: Laced by Love

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A vaudeville troupe arrives in Morgan's Crossing late in the traveling season. When an event occurs that shakes up the troupe, seamstress Cinnia decides to say no to older sister Nola who has made the sisters' decisions since being orphaned a decade earlier. Leather worker Nicolai Andrusha is lying low and using an alias until the patent is approved on his family's leather tanning formula. But he finds the auburn-haired poetess irresistible. Will Nicolai oppose his family obligation to help the stranded beauty who has caught his eye?

Where Shadows Linger

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Bronze Award Winner - Historical Romance 2015 Readers' Favorite Awards Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros flee to Australia seeking refuge from World War II ravaged Greece. They struggle in an intolerant society whilst dealing with their haunted war-time memories and hiding their forbidden love. With the horrors of the war behind them, Eva and Zoe forge a new life together. The war is over but the shadows from their past emerge to shatter their peace and endanger their lives. They are about to find out the hard way that moving thousands of miles away does not protect them from those that wish them harm. Discover two incredible women who have endured whatever fate has thrown at them and meet every obstacle with courage, strength and reliance on each other.

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Mosaic Chronicles Boxed Set

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Disappearances at a popular national park... Monsters from another dimension... And Nicole can't use her magic. What could possibly go wrong? If you like break-the-mold paranormal fiction, light romance, and fast-paced adventure, then you’ll love the first five books in Andrea Pearson’s groundbreaking and award-winning Mosaic Chronicles!

The Waves Break Gray

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Raleigh Harmon earned a brazen reputation working for the FBI. Now a freelance investigator, she wants to restore some broken relationships-including romance with alpha-male agent Jack Stephanson. That's the plan ... But when she finds a dead body in the mountains of Washington state, Raleigh's must choose between her personal life and her forensic skills to track a killer unlike any she's ever encountered. And the FBI is watching her every move.

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Where the Hell is Tesla? (2 Book Series)

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The Tesla series - now on sale together for only $1.98 - 80% OFF!

When Chip Collins finds the Lost Journal of Nikola Tesla at work (well, I don't know if you'd call it "work"), he doesn't know he's about to open a portal to infinite dimensions - and that him and his friend Pete will have to save the entire Multiverse. Two full-length novels worth of saving. That's a lot of saving. But Chip and Pete are up to it. I think. Maybe. (You might want to get that underground bunker ready, just in case.)

20,000 copies sold and 231 Amazon 5-star Reviews

"An incredible, madcap adventure that only Dircks could deliver. The Tesla books are living proof that original stories are still out there waiting to be discovered."

"I love this series! It gets better and better. Love wins! If you haven't read Where the Hell is a Tesla?, you must. You'll love both. I promise!"

You never know with sequels... Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this one. Dircks' second in the Tesla series delivers every bit as well as the first - in the same balls-to-the-wall writing style that made the first book so entertaining."

The River Valley Series

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Courageous heroines, heartwarming heroes, suspense, and drama abound in this multi-volume bestselling series about a revitalized community.

Visit River Valley and experience every struggle and triumph that will have you turning pages and leave you smiling as you rediscover passion, hope, community, friendship and second chances.

A Way Through

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When Louise's breast cancer returned, six years after her first diagnosis as stage IV incurable cancer, she soon realised that rather than being a death sentence, it was the final opportunity to put her life in order. That meant learning to take care of her mental and emotional wellbeing, not just her physical health as she had previously done. There is so much that can support us to get well, but ultimately the journey is ours alone. This short, powerful book will help you find the courage and determination to navigate that path, whilst not forgetting to live fully during the process. It is the advice she would have liked to have received when things were tough. A reminder to slow down, keep calm and see the bigger picture - that illness facilitates healing on a deeper level, bringing more meaning and fullness into our lives. As Louise herself discovered through her own experience, cancer can mark a beginning not an end.

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