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Love's Concessions and Compromises

Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018 | No Comments

Stevie was safe. In the office and in her small bungalow with curtains drawn and all of the windows and doors locked and bolted. Still occasionally he got through, bringing her nightmares, inflicting pain and terror until she woke, screaming and bathed in sweat. Only then would she remember that he was gone, dead for over twenty years. Her husband. And Stevie swore that no-one would ever exert such control over her again, that no-one would get through the locks or bolts or the walls that she had built around herself. Until HE walked through the office door. Marcus was where he wanted to be. Rich, independent, alone. No more drunken, whoring women who betrayed their commitments, only the occasional one night stand. A king in control of his own world. Until he saw HER reflection through an office door. Would Stevie be able to make the concessions, or Marcus be willing to make the compromises, for love and a HEA?

Free Days: 01/05 - 01/07

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