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Fairlane Road

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2018 | No Comments

Named an Award Finalist under Visionary Fiction in the American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Awards. To the quiet town of Lamplight, a prophet has come in the form of a monster. The wisdom he brings has the power to change the world in radical ways. He comes to begin an awakening, to open the eyes of all. But he is also a murderer, and his arrival is a reckoning to those who will cross his path: A detective who is filled with disbelief as he follows a trail of seemingly impossible events. An aging man, himself a retired detective, who is haunted by his famous case involving two psychopaths and their cult--a case with ties to what is happening now. And a young woman named Jezebel whose life is split between our own world, and the fantastical and mysterious Higher World beyond the forest down Fairlane Road, a place that may hold the answers to the questions that the dark man's reckoning brings.

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