> > Sacrificial Lamb (Lincolnshire Murder Mystery Book 7)

Sacrificial Lamb (Lincolnshire Murder Mystery Book 7)

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2018 | No Comments

Detective Inspector Inga Larsson is enjoying a spot of retail therapy, sipping a cappuccino, and relaxing on a bright Sunday morning in Lincoln when her idyll is shattered by an alert to attend a major incident. She quickly discovers what started off as a simple suspicious death is, in fact, murder. As she delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding the young woman's death and the events leading up to it, she realizes the Gubber family has been hiding secrets for generations. There are torrid lies hidden beneath the benign appearance of Martha and Esther, the successful sisters. Inga is aware other people are lying to her and her team and there is a nasty undercurrent of bad practice, illicit trading, theft, and corruption, into which she must dig deep to uncover the truth. To make matters worse, her young assistant stumbles upon an extraordinary family twist known to only two living people. After this, visiting a farm shop will never quite be the same again!

Free Days: 02/02 - 02/04

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