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Just Between Lovers

Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2018 | No Comments

Kyle Masters’ stormy past had left a dark mark on his soul and his outlook on life in general. The two men he called brothers were the closest thing he had to an intimate relationship. His brothers had found love and he was happy for them, but that didn’t mean his life had to change. Unfortunately, spunky nurse Amanda Jones had other ideas. The outspoken woman pushed past his barriers and forced him to adjust his way of thinking.

Amanda loved her job as a private nurse. Helping others heal not only physically but emotionally as well, brought her tremendous joy. When her current patient’s needs went way beyond the norm, she found herself butting heads with a temperamental cowboy too stubborn to listen to reason. Could the sparks that flew between them help her find a way to breach the heart he’d kept closed for so long?

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