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One Last Day

Posted on Monday, March 5, 2018 | No Comments

"Six years ago, you voted to send troops into Afghanistan. One of those soldiers was my son, who never made it back.
Now, I'm here to ask you, was it worth it?"

The gathering was supposed to have been a perfunctory media exercise on retiring Senator Jackson Ridge's last day in office. When a grieving mother slips in and poses that simple question though, everything - from Ridge's own legacy to American interests in Afghanistan - all get called into question.

Racing against a ticking clock and powerful figures that would prefer to keep things happening across the globe a secret, Ridge must call on every last favor he has accumulated over the course of his time in office in search of answers. Answers that ultimately have him looking at more than just the life of a fallen soldier when trying to decide if, in fact, it was all worth it...

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