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Stone Quest Series Book Set

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Mystic epic follows the journey of psychic tracker and visionary Luke Stone as he battles his nemesis the black magician Armand Jacobi both physically and psychically across the seas and deep into the desert. Will his crusade claim his eternal soul or win his ultimate redemption?
Supernatural suspense
Wild, primitive, magical, full of mystery and danger
Mystic universe of visions & second site
Gregorian chants hum, Catholic Saints animate, fairy lanterns glow
DESERT CHIMERA http://amzn.to/1fnIpZP  (28 Reviews Rating 4.0)
GALLOWS ASCENDING  https://t.co/DpIAbSYAJV (8 Reviews Rating 4.3)
NEURI SHAPE-SHIFTER. http://amzn.to/1imG7Oh  (8 Reviews Rating 4.0)
Fantasy/Visionary Mystery

99 Cent Bargain eBook from March 12 - 17, 2018

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