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The Doctors' Lounge

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Five stars: Not the best title, but a great book.The story revolves around the doctor's lounge in the hospital. It is here the doctors gather when they have a few minutes between patients or meetings-a place to talk over cases and to just chill out. Dr. Jacob Weizman (88) and his wife Lola (86) Holocaust survivors are mainstays in the medical staff of Brier Hospital. Dr. Weizman, a renowned internist is talking of retiring because of a missed diagnosis. Although he has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Board, he feels he missed it because he was getting old. This is wrong since two other doctors missed the tiny warning sound as well. Lola talks him into just taking a leave from the hospital but keeping his practice open but slowing down there as well. The chief of medicine talks Weizman into taking over the presidency of the medical staff. Between the Doctor's lounge and the presidency, Jacob becomes involved in many of the doctor's lives in the hospital. He talks to them about their cases, listens to their complaints as well as those of the nurses, and finds himself drawn further and further back into the hospital. It is a great book and one that is easy to read once you get into it. Dr. Gold does a great job of describing the hospital and the cases in such terms as a layman can understand what is going on. It is a great book.

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