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The Red Snag

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Restoring an old mansion is a dream-come-true for Rachel and Liam, but they unwittingly release an evil demon: the chillingly beguiling Red Sister. A battle to save their lives, sanity and relationship has begun! With their world turned upside-down they run away in a journey through terror, and helped by an unusual ally, they find shelter amongst the exotic Goths. Letting their guard slip, they fall under the spell of an evil organisation, intent upon sacrificing them in a ritual to capture the Red Sister to gain unlimited power and influence. The sly demon fools them all, and the couple narrowly escape from a bloody slaughter on a remote mountaintop. Then they lovingly bond their souls together in a cathartic return home and when back amongst their friends, Rachel and Liam settle into a watchful and guarded routine. Meanwhile, the Red Sister lurks in the background ready to kill them and dominate others. They are the only ones who can prevent these atrocities and stop the demon from spreading her wickedness across the globe. Enjoy an adult, character-driven, supernatural thriller containing love, friendship, lust, fighting, gender confusion, class and cats in a contemporary setting.

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