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The Unfinished Puzzle

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | No Comments

Leave behind all your doubt, worries, heartache, and anger, and ascend to your final destination: hope. The Unfinished Puzzle is a 50-day devotional which will take you on a personal journey and strengthen your friendship with your Creator. This unique book shows authentic life stories tied in with scripture to show how God is a true friend rather than the sometimes portrayed enforcer we see Him as. As life is compared to a puzzle which we often get frustrated with, we are able to see how God perhaps does his best work in the midst of our storms through raw, real-life analogies throughout the devotional. You will take a journey while finding hope and peace. Experience true love while leaving your old ways behind by really seeing what God did and can do. This daily devotional is great for believers of all ages including teens, or would be a great accompaniment to a journal or a bible study. Visit www.AshleyAWhiteAuthor.com to download the free printable Unfinished Puzzle Checklist that goes along with this book or can be used on its own, plus a free short story.

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