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Tru-Lyfe Reportage: The Jane Faircrown Stories

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | No Comments

Meet 'The Straws' - a highly intelligent and psychologically advanced species of extra-terrestrial humanoids who visit the earth to conduct studies which occasionally take an erotic turn. You will become acquainted with a reporter's investigation into Rardex - a practising magician who, it is alleged, can cure certain terminal cancers and rejuvenate the middle-aged. Then you will read the story of 'Steve' or Mike 23 - the unrememberable man who molests mature women with a medical device but who can never be prosecuted for his activities. You will also discover why the Men In Black contact The Archive's glamorous editor, Tiffany Wraunsley. And just who or what is Reptilliaynuss? Follow the transformation of a bored housewife into a sexy, 'enhancile' heroine as Jane Faircrown, with Tiffany's assistance, valiantly confronts the challenges presented by these various people and beings.

Free Days: 03/29 - 04/01

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