> > Deferred Sunlight: Illuminating Ways Through The Darker Times

Deferred Sunlight: Illuminating Ways Through The Darker Times

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018 | No Comments

Friendly coping tips for autistic people by an autistic person who "gets it"; the relief of those "It's not just me!" moments can be very helpful in a complicated world. This book, also relevant to families, friends and professionals, looks at some life situations which autistic people can find extra stressful; exciting ones like travelling as well as challenging ones like disciplinary action at work. Each situation has its own chapter and is introduced by a personal perspective from the author; there are also chapters on general coping strategies and supporting someone else and a list of further sources of help. The personal experiences are sometimes funny, sometimes triumphant, sometimes poignant but turned positive; the advice is practical and realistic, allowing for times when things go wrong. Honestly written and personally illustrated by someone who has lived and learned through these situations, using that experience to help others.

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