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I'll Stand By You

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 | No Comments

Positive, pragmatic, and loyal to a fault, Emily is the friend that everyone turns to in a crisis. Her oldest friend, Fran, couldn't be more different. A drama queen, who lurches from one disaster to the next, she's been relying on Emily to bale her out for years. Despite their different lifestyles, the roles they play in each others lives are firmly established, but that is about to change... Emily's health is failing alarmingly and she is facing a very uncertain future. Is Fran able to change the habits of a life time and start assuming responsibility for the chaos she creates? Can she stand by Emily and repay her unstinting support, or, will the ever beckoning darkness close in on her again? Peppered with insightful observation and wry humour, this life affirming story of tested loyalties will resonate deeply with many women because, sometimes, tough love really is the only answer.

Free Days: 04/20 - 04/22 

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