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The Greatest Good

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2018 | No Comments

Special Agent Garrison Chase is having a terrible morning.

It is supposed to be his first day back on the job - protecting Stanley Tuchek, the California Governor's son, no less - after a year's suspension. But, instead, his house has been broken into, and he has been hauled in by the Long Beach police department for questioning. When he finally catches up with the governor's son, the boy gets shot, and Chase starts to suspect this might all have something to do with his own murky black-ops past.

When the shooter strikes again, and then even Stanley's safe house is compromised, Chase realizes that things are much more serious than they first appeared. It must be an inside job. He has to keep Stanley safe, and work out what's going on. But who can he trust? For Chase, the stakes are as high as they can get. He has a custody hearing for his three-year-old son in a few days, and if he can't figure this case out, he might never see his boy again.

Full of crooks, cops, corruption and high-octane action, The Greatest Good is perfect for fans of Lee Child's Jack Reacher, and of novels by Raymond Chandler.

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