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Finding Forgiveness

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In order to save her mother's life, Nichole Brown killed her abusive father in self-defense. Nichole and her mother Helen plan their escape from home, but it all goes wrong when they are discovered and attacked by Nichole's father. Moments later he is dead, and Nichole is haunted by the memories. Nichole and her mother Helen move from Brooklyn, New York, to a small town in Maine where Nichole is the new girl at school. Shy, unfashionable, and awkward, Nichole dreams of becoming a famous country singer. She uses playing the piano and singing to tune out her problems and memories. She vows to never let anyone hurt her again, so she shuts everyone out. Even though her father's death was an accident, Nichole feels guilty and is constantly tormented by memories. At school she meets twin siblings James and Janelle, two pastor's kids who open her eyes to what a Christian life looks like. Nichole wants to open her heart to God, but she feels like a fraud, unworthy of forgiveness. As the three friends begin to bond, Nichole is blind to James' growing feelings for her. Feeling empty, she begins an online dating relationship with an anonymous boy from school, sharing her darkest secrets with him. After escaping her abusive home in Brooklyn, she thought she was finally safe. What starts out as innocent messaging back and forth turns into Nichole's worst nightmare when Nichole agrees to meet this boy in person at the prom.

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